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How much was it?  Heck, for the $150 I spent, I could get 5 PortaPros... They are priced at $30 at Glad you tried them, that's too bad they didn't fit... Perhaps the Radius DDM would fit better? It is also a dual dynamic earphone.

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It was $140 + shipping. Could've bought like 5 Porta Pros as you mentioned, but I wanted to try these babies so badly I couldn't help ordering them! :-)


Maybe the Radius DDM would fit better, but I am not much into the in-ear designs. I am still looking for the perfect earbud... I love my Porta Pros though. They are comfy and great sounding.

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Good luck with your search for that earbud, but why do you dislike in ear earphones? (IEMs as we call them)


You can get comfort from Klipsch, isolation from Etymotic, or even hear-through (open, like the PortaPro) from the JVC FX500.

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IEM's definitely are not for everyone.  One of my favorite headphones/earphones ever was my Klipsch X10, but I ended up having to get away from IEM's.  One of my ears produces a bit more wax than the other and contstantly shoving the nozzle in there just compacted it.  I had to start getting my ears professionally cleaned once a year. 


That was what made me start getting into good quality earbuds. 


Definitely looking forward to the upcoming review on these Koss buds.  I still hope that someone will take a picture of these on their head.  I would like to see exactly how they fit with those metal hooks.

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Here is a picture, as you requested^




I have an early review on this thread, and another in the product section... Looking forward to others though!

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Thank you. 

Yes, I'm looking for a few different opinions on them also.  Those hooks don't look like they do much for stability.  When you bend forward say to tie a shoe or something, do they slip off?

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^No, never... My anti-helix is actually what holds them in (it is quite large) I don't actually need to use the clips, they stay in that well for me. I have also jogged ~2mi without them falling out using the medium sized earclips.


I can however dislodge them with a grin or a yawn... shrugging my ears, otherwise, they stay in.

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Just read the specs on these.  Do they need a small amp the get good sound out of them? 

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^No, the speakers inside are driven in a parallel circuit with no crossover. Very efficient, louder at lower volume levels than many of the IEMs I have heard (louder actually than the Mc5 at the same volume setting) Enhanced treble and bass make listening at low volumes pleasant, something I can't really do with my Etymotic, as on volume 1 they are barely audible.


A good source goes a long way, and with my S9 I definitely can say I don't need a headphone amplifier. My Fiio E5 can increase the volume a bit and boost the bass, but since the Cowon goes incredibly loud and has one of the best EQs I've used my Fiio rarely gets use.

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Ahhh.  Nice to know.  Thanks.  Just looking at the specs, one could get fooled. 

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Hi everybody.

I'm looking at this new koss 250 since I can't buy anymore the KSC35 here in Europe.

I still have a pair of KSC35 but I'd like to have something new to use while exercising at the gym.


I can do almost anything with my KSC35. Also be upside-down. Can the 250 be weared while at the gym?

Can I "shake" my head without losing them?

Can I run with them?


I'd like to have from you owners some "functionality" report since as far as I can read this KDE250 sound pretty good.


(Please forgive me for my bad english) smily_headphones1.gif

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^ Buy the KSC-75, they are the same as the KSC-35 with improved comfort. The KDE-250 are tricky to fit.

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Originally Posted by james444 View Post

^ Buy the KSC-75, they are the same as the KSC-35 with improved comfort. The KDE-250 are tricky to fit.

I wonder if the KSC 75 are heavier then the 35.

I like the 35 for the lightness. I'd like to try something else but I'm scared about what you said ("are tricky to fit"). Why do you think so?

After you fit them can you do some training like running, shake head, leaning forward or by a side and so on, without drop it?

I wonder if the 250 it is light. I can't find in Koss web site the weight of the KSC-35 and KDE-250.

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Originally Posted by cixi View Post

I'd like to try something else but I'm scared about what you said ("are tricky to fit"). Why do you think so?

Because of this Amazon review and others I've read. I was interested in these phones myself, but ultimately decided to stay away.


As for the weight of the KSC-75, a quick Google search brought up 44g vs. 40g for the KSC-35.

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Thank you James444. What a pity!

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