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How well do they isolate - or at all even?
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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post
How well do they isolate - or at all even?
I've read that they fit into the ears like ear buds, which gives me the impression that the isolation is quite poor.
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They do fit like buds, only rubberized, and they slip in sideways. As for isolation, they seem to perform slightly better than standard ear buds at this. Fit wise, they fit much better than buds, especially if you have a larger ear.
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Pictures! (sorry, low resoloution... taken W/camcorder)

Here are some pictures I took of the KDE 250.

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any other one who bought these?

any updates?
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Do these sound anything like the Porta Pros?
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I bought these after losing my Koss Portapros, there where a few months in between in which I shopped for headphones. If memory serves, they sound better than the Portapros overall, with slightly less bass, but deeper, and more crystal clear treble. they do however lack the Portapros 'Open' effect. The KDE250 also cannot be listened to from your neck.
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Photos - Koss KDE/250 - Canon Powershot 12.1 Megapixel

I did some casual photography, much higher resolution than previous pictures (4000x3000, compared to 640x480) Most views should be covered, though some aren't the greatest (as I said, Casual) I figured Google images didn't have enough real world shots... too many product renders and stock photos. Any questions or requests welcome.

Here is the link:

Picasa Web Albums - wall - Koss Dual Ele...
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Thanks for the pics Steven. Can you show some pics in-ear, to get a sense what they look like in the ear.
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Waring The Koss KDE 250's - In Ear Pics

Here are some pictures I took, and had taken of this headphone in the ear, and as you can see, the clip goes over the top of your ear like glasses, not behind like some front firing earphones. The headphone can also be tilted up and down, no sound difference, but comfort may increase, also, you may not be able to see it well, but the headphones bend around a hinge under the KOSS name. Hope that takes care of it, Here's the link:

Picasa Web Albums - wall - Recently Updated
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I know it's kind of an old thread but I just saw these for the first time today and they look really cool, kinda like little PortaPro earbuds lol. Maybe if the price ever comes down to $100 I might give these a shot. Oh and also, after further looking at the pictures, I see there is some sort of earhook, is it metal? If so, is it comfortable? I am guessing the the earhook would feel cold when you first put them on? Thanks.
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The price is at ~$140, down from $250, I would say they are definitely worth every penny... compared these to the Audio Technica ATH-AD700's, a well known, entry level audiophile headphone. The sound-stage was noticeably better in the AT's, but sound wise the Dual element KDE's where far superior in sound quality, with an EQ they can do most anything, extra treble, bass, all without distortion!
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Yeah they're$140 on J and R. One review gives it 5 stars; the other review gives it 1 star. Not too promising. Two extreme views like that makes me leery.
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Usually, fit is the problem, as an earphone that does not fit will probably not sound as it is supposed to. The source, usually an iPod, won't bring the clarity or dynamics out like an s9 (Cowon) or stereo system will. Good to be leery, I was also, they where new with no reviews when I bought them, the design seemed promising, I tried them (you can always return them, so it is not really a make or break decision) and found them satisfying enough to keep. I am the first reviewer, they did not fit the second.

Originally Posted by ericp10 View Post

Yeah they're$140 on J and R. One review gives it 5 stars; the other review gives it 1 star. Not too promising. Two extreme views like that makes me leery.
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Alright... Got my new KDE250s in the mail today. Been using them being fed by a variety of audio sources, such as my iPhone, my four iPods, my Denon AVR1804, my Alesis Multimix USB (as a D/A for the Macbook) and my Kenwood stereo receiver from the 80's.


Can't help but compare it to my Porta Pros and, although the KDE250s are definitely crispier than the Porta Pros, I still think that stereo imaging, bass, comfort and overall soundstage are way better on the Porta Pros. I know that the KDE250s are very fit-dependent and maybe I have not been able to properly fit them in my ears. I tried all the adapters and couldn't find a good fit.


Anyway, looking for the best possible sound, I was manually holding them at the best possible position and I could notice that the sound is there, but I just couldn't find a good fit. Something similar happened to me when I first tried my Sennheisers MX twist-to-fit but then I found a good fit with the ear foams.


Will definitely try a little more, but I am probably not keeping them. Sorry if this post is disappointing to some of you. For the price, I'd get three Porta Pros...



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