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Koss KDE/250

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I got an email ad for these today, KDE/250

KOSS ยท Sound of Koss 2009

Looks like an interesting concept, however at $250 I'm not going to be first in line to order one.

Has anyone been able to demo these?
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The video says 10Hz-20kHz, but the description says 40Hz-20kHz.

If the video is right, and the technology works, these might end up being the first "superbuds". In other words, earbuds/sport 'buds that deliver truly awe-inspring sound competitive with the best IEMs.

With that dynamic woofer, I bet these will have very impactful bass, and have a very fun sound signature. And I expect exceptional soundstage.
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This deserves a bump.
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Whoa 250 bucks! How much better than KSC75 would this be?
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Who knows. Koss puts out a lot of great bang/buck headphones out there, but at the same time puts out a lot of crap as well. Hard to guess on this one, but hopefully they're building on the KSC35/75/portapro drivers and make it even better... then it'll definitely be consider-worthy.
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These are apparently available for purchase.

Anybody want to give them a shot at $250?

EDIT: Oh wow, they're being heavily discounted at other places, like Amazon. Anybody want to give them a shot at $161.97?
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$160 is still much more expensive than other mainstream know-to-have good-sound choice, consider you can get AD700 for $100 now. It will need to be really good even at Amazon price.
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anyone order one?
I'm eager to see how they fare.
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They're down to $140. At this rate, call me in 7 months.
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Interesting, some posts I just read about Koss KDE/250 said the prototype sound pretty good when compare to IE8, but what concern me is that if they got a good isolation anyway.
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In a Chinese hifi forum ,There are 2 guys said its sound is even better than ie8.Not only LOWS,but also High Frequency.
contrast with the price of ie8,it's not expensive at all!!!!!
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I hope to try some of these out if the Koss store in Milwaukee has some demo pairs. I'd like to try the CC's out too.
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i wonder how these compare to the high end yuin clip-ons.
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Compared with all of the other headphones I have been going through these are by far the best, leaning slightly more toward bass, though still maintaining crisp treble due to the dual element design. I have not noticed any significant changes over the hours I have used them, burn in time seems to be non existent. The stereo separation is average, and they sound like they are half way to open air headphones. Sometimes the bass definition is too much, as it makes some mid bass sound bad (the beat in Glamorous, by Fergie for example, can sound less deep) I have tried them on a micro stereo (gpx brand) my mp4 watch, and a PC, The headphones sound as good as what you plug them in to. The comfort is good, they just take a while to find the right ear clip size and height. Another great comfort feature they have is the rubberized surface that is present wherever they touch your ears. The part that goes in your ear often comes out greasy, but it easily wipes off. I have received lots of comments on how unique these look, and none of them where bad, mostly admiring.

I chose these ($150 Koss KDE250) over:
(headphones I have tried and returned)

$45 ZaggPhones
$70 Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (open air)
$35 Koss PortaPro
$145 Etymotic Hf5
$80 Koss CC_01
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^ You posted the exact same thing in this thread:

Maybe you should start a review thread stevenswall. All five of your posts are praising the KDE250. Head-fiers are very paranoid of spamming and shilling these days. I'm sure you have good intentions. So heads up!
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