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3.5mm plug replacement (pics)

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First of all, thanks to FallenAngel for his help with this repair. His only request was to post up some pics, so here you go.

I have an older pair of Sony MDR-V500 headphones, probably nothing special by Head-Fi standards, but they're the nicest phones I've had the pleasure of owning. Unfortunately, a few months ago I bent over and the 3.5mm plug broke off in my iPod. Since then, it's been right channel only.

A Neutrik NYS231 solder-on connector was used to fix the problem.

First of all, I split open the old connector to ensure I knew which wires went where.

For the record, it's
green wire = inner connection = left channel
red wire = outer connection = right channel
copper wire = plug body = ground

A bit of fiddling with the tiny wires, getting them stripped and threaded through the connector, then some ham-fisted soldering!

The final result, tested and working wonderfully:

My headphones are back!

(as an aside, is it possible to fix the old flaky ear cups?)
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Nice, very nice
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They should sell said ear cup replacements. Can you twist them off? (Nice article btw, NG is awesome!)
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How should I approach doing a replacement for a flat wire like the A-Jays? 

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