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As far as I'm cocerned my GS1000s eat my old modded Sennheiser hd650s and even my AKG K701 for breakfast; they are more open, detailed and have better soundstaging than any of the former. Sibilance? Have you tried changing your mains cables and distribution? It can help. Also Grados take some running in and the ones tried could be rather new and bright.
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Some background on the phones: they weren't mine and had been used extensively before I took possession of them. If you read the background that I wrote in my original post, you'll note the reasons why I don't particularly like the GS1000. Even if I did own some fancy power cable, I highly doubt it would change the sound signature that much.
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Folks, one question, but before the question I would just like to start by saying that I did try a pair, but it was at Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto... and they do not have a lounge... and it was busy... yeah... ANYWAYS! My questions was, I am looking for a very warm bass, my music focuses on the bass and mid, quite a bit on the mid really... Is this a good pair for my music?
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Hey everyone,

I just created a group on FaceBook called "Owners and Appreciators of the Grado GS-1000". You could join and post photos and leave comments on there for the "not so knowledgeable of Head-Fi" public. I would appreciate if you pass this message along.
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I know this is a very old thread but I would like to revive it because it spiked my interest about whether the $100 HP4 is a good match for the GS1000? Better match than my X-CAN v8? Can it be??

Thanks smily_headphones1.gif


edit: Never mind, I realized my mistake smily_headphones1.gif

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