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Best Earbuds for....Sleeping?

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Here I am again, not long after the Gaming thread, with another rather non-standard question.

Due to certain circumstances (a roommate who watches TV until ungodly hours of the night and who mumbles to himself in his sleep on top of that), I've taken to listening to music while sleeping in order to drown out other, undesirable, background noise. Its worked fairly well, unfortunately, my earphones aren't really conducive to sleeping on.

So, and I don't even know if this exists, I wanted to know if anyone could recommend earbuds that they feel is comfortable enough for sleeping. I keep the volume as low as I can, so I don't think ear damage will be an issue. I would prefer earbuds as I think in-ear monitors would be too uncomfortable (I can't stand something lodged in my ear like that). Right now I'm considering the JVC Air Cushion or the Sennheiser CX 400 as the best bets.

Any other suggestions?
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PK3 (earbud)
PFE (super comfortable IEM)
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I just ordered the pk3's for listening while sleeping, I should get them in the mail tomorrow, I'll try to post how comfy they are seeping on my side.
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I think if you don't let your mind rest you might end up as crazy as your roommate. You can get foamie earplugs at, for example, Home Depot for under $5. Save the music for when you want to listen to it. Unless you're doing subliminal messages of some sort...
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Philips SHE2650. The way the stick part is attached to the bud part makes them very comfortable because of the way they fit in the crease of the ear. And it's possible to lay on your side with them comfortably. They are available all over for about $10 or $12 and I think they sound much better than any other cheap earbud I've tried. (inc. mx400, mx450, zune buds, JVC gumy)
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instead of the cx300 id say get the ep630 things from creative, essentially they are the cx300 but half the price so if you kill them in your sleep its no big deal
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I recently took to sleeping with my IE 8 because the sound is just so good. I know I shouldn't for fear to snagging the cables, but I never destroyed my CX 300 by sleeping and those are known to have very poor cords.
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well yeah but there is a huge difference between the ep630 and the IE8, the difference between the ep630 and the cx400 just a tiny bit less, lol. hence my saying if thats what your considering, for that purpose id just save the money and get the cheapy dont care if they get broken ep630's
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I'm very interested in this thread. I am using NE-7Ms now when I go to sleep and they are sub-optimal. They are a bit bulky but the main problem is that the silicons squeak in my ears (I do clean my ears) and the foamies compress and choke the sound on the side that my head is on. I have tried q-jays for sleeping and they work very nicely but I don't want to sleep on a pair of phones that expensive on a regular basis. I normally am listening to spoken word, subliminal stuff, non-music stuff when I go to sleep so I don't need a bass monster. I need comfy, cheap iems that can clearly reproduce spoken word. Most of the cheapos I read about here are remarked as having plenty of muddy bass and recessed mids and highs.

The metro.fi 100's might be worth a shot?

These are also interesting (and small). Terrible reviews for most of the HK EP series though. Maybe they are good for voice and terrible for music?

Earbuds fall out too easily and aren't comfortable for sleep for me.

Anyway, if anyone has already figured this out let us know.

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You may think I'm biased here since I just got them but my new Pk3's are very comfortable for sleeping. I've been going to bed with them on and I hardly feel they're there. Then again, most earbuds are good and unobtrusive for me. I have to say though that at some point throughout out the night, I must either snag on the buds or pull them out myself because I don't wake up with them on, lol!
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