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Another K701 amp thread...

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been scanning this and other forums to try to find the right pair of phones for me. After my exhausting search, I have purchased a pair of AKG K701's from a fellow Head-Fi member. Now I am in the process of finding an amp. I have searched and searched for threads and have found many but none seem to have any real conclusion or consensus to them. There are some that like tubes and some that like SS. Some prefer this brand to that brand. I would really appreciate some recommendations, and the reasons WHY you recommend a particular amp.

I don't have much to spend as I am a student and most of my audio funds have gone into music gear in addition to the 701's.

My budget is in the $200-250 RANGE(new or used).

The amp I am looking for is a TEMPORARY AMP. That is, I'm not looking for a permanent solution. I am looking for something that will "get me by" until I can afford a real amp. I want something that will offer a good sound, but I realize that I won't be getting everything out of the 701's. From my research I haven't found anything in my price range that will be adequate so this option will have to work for me, at least for the time being.

I prefer something with a smaller size as I don't have a lot of room to work with, however, portability is not necessary.

So, does anyone have any recommendations?
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Something from Little Dot, Starving Student from Whiplash, Arietta from Meier Audio, /shrug few other choices.

Your thread title implies you know there have been oodles of similar threads already. I hope you read them, as to not ask the same repeated questions, more fun also.
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Yes I've read all that I can find, and I . The problem I came across is that I haven't found an amp that is generally accepted to drive the K701's adequately for a temporary solution. The threads that I have found with good information have lacked a follow up after the amp was used, so I am still lost as to whether the amp worked for the person or if there was any synergy with K701's and the amp they purchased.

I had hoped to make it clearer that I had searched, but I should have been clearer. I apologize for that.
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My Shanling PH100 does a pretty good job at driving my K701. Slides into your price range too.

I'm looking to get the Compass soon as i want the external DAC feature. The headamp in it would be like a really nice bonus. Good things have been said about the test version's ability to drive the K701.
I reckon when shipping is included it will be over your budget. But you do get a pretty good and versatile source for the money so thats something to think about.
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Meier Arietta $225.

I have one, sounds fantastic and I'm never going to upgrade.

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Any addition thoughts on the following list?

Kontrol 1
Meier Arietta
Cute Beyond w/ Supplier

There is a Cute Beyond w/ Supplier on the FS currently that is catching my eye and I'm wondering if there will be any synergy with the 701's.
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I am using the Cute Beyond + Supplier at home with my K702's (almost identical to your 701's).

Going from nothing I was immediately surprised by suddenly having a soundstage in my head. Instruments have separation, and the dynamic range of sound increased significantly. Just about anyone that has heard one will tell you the Cute Beyond is the underdog that compete with the best anywhere near this price range. Are they the perfect match for the seriously finicky K70X's? I don't know. All I know is the sound is very impressive. Most people recommend warmer bass emphasising amps to compensate for the AKG's generally lean bottom end. What I've found with these cans is that they deceive you with their fairly low impedence. They really need a lot of voltage to get the diaphragms to move adequately. After some time in the low-gain setting on the Cute Beyond, I decided to try out the high-gain setting for awhile. That was when I began to understand the nature of these cans. They need lots of juice! It has a very full range now and offers a very intense listening experience. You wouldn't be doing yourself any injustice if you can get a good deal on the Cute Beyond and Supplier.
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That is great to hear. I just picked up the Cute + Supplier set that was on the FS forum. I can't wait to set it all up and experience the 701's.
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awesome! I really hope you like it lol. let me know what you think when you get it : )
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