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Yun Xiang sold me SR-71A and P-51 from Singapore.

The items has arrived very quickly and well packaged.

However it is hard to say the transaction has done with good comunication.

The reply from him was bit late...

I am sure that he will be a person enough to deal with.

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Yun Xiang purchased an iMod LOD from me. He was VERY patient while waiting for me to complete his LOD. Payment was very prompt. I'd love to deal with him again soon.

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Yun sold me an LC3 amp. Extremely quick shipping from Singapore! Sent out on a Friday, got on Wednesday!

Great guy to deal with, a real pleasure!
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I bought Yun's old RS1 headband. He gave me an amazing deal, and shipped it quickly, in a nifty little sleeve. Thanks Yun!
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Yun bought my Vintage B RS1 and the RA1 amp. Great guy to deal with, fantastic and near instantaneous response to any questions or correspondence. He paid quickly and I'd consider this a model of perfection for any other online dealings I have in the future.
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Yun bought some tubes from me. The transaction was very smooth, with quick communication. I would not hesitate to deal with him again in the future.

Thanks Yun!
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