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Binaural Albums

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What artists have recorded albums this way? Give me suggestions if you can from as many genres possible, Rock, Classical, Jazz ect. Thanks!
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I second this interest
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I think someone mentioned that Phantom Limb by Pig Destroyer is a binaural album.
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the binaural recordings i have heard - all classical - haven't impressed me. that includes the Gould as well.
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Hmm, that's not good to hear vcoheda. I was hoping it was a somewhat common recording technique, but I guess not.
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The Milwaukee Symphony sells binaural downloads. I've never heard them. I have one album that I can't think of right now, but it sounds like the acoustic guitarist is behind me over my left shoulder. That's the only instrument they did binaural.
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I have been trying to do some research on Binaural CD's myself and I am coming up empty handed. It is kind of crazy that we are all in this hobby of listening to music with headphones and very few seem to be interested in recorded music made for headphones. As it is now we listen to music meant for loudspeakers and I guess most are fine with it.
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i have these recordings.

they all sound very good as in sound and recording quality, but i did not hear anything that special regarding the binaural, which is why i purchased them.

maybe it's just me. get one. see how it sounds.
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Try: ListeningLounge : MP3 Music File Downloads for Ottmar Liebert and SSRI Artists

Note: It comes with 320 kbps as the highest. Nothing lossless, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway.
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Originally Posted by iamoneagain View Post
I really didn't say anything about this but it's an excellent binaural recording. The recording engineer wears the mics in his ears and walks around the musicians and I believe even records from a boat at one point. This all takes place in a cave where you can hear drips of water and other natural sounds. Tony Levin now tours with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. You really get an out of the head experience with this. I believe my link is the cheapest to buy it. Amazon charges $40 for it.
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i listened to the strauss/saint-saens again.

there are definitely some moments particularly in the saint-saens where you get the binaural affect - instruments and sounds coming from pinpoint locations that you can spatially identify. but in general, the recording just sounds like one that has very good instrument separation. it's well worth listening to especially if you like the works on the disc but i guess i was just expecting more.
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vcoheda, I think I will check those out. How is the actual music on them?
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How about the Ultrasone Demo CD?
Links for download in here: Legally Download-able Binaural recordings links
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I had a whole pile of binaural CDs. I sold almost all of them. The novelty wears off really fast! The only ones I still like are Up Close by Ottmar Liebert and a nature recording called The Living Air.
While not true binauaral albums, the best uses of similar effects in a musical context that I have heard are The Final Cut by Pink Floyd and The Soul Cages by Sting. (Holophonics and Q-sound, respectively.)
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