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Edifier Hall HA11

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I was cruising through ebay today and found this. NEW Edifier Hall HA11 Headphone Amplifier

I noticed the price and was very intrigued. The product description left a bit to be desired, Google didn't turn up anything, and the only hit for edifier on head-fi was for something else.

I guess I'm just really curious if anyone has heard of / used this amp. At the price, I'm going to go ahead and pick on up, just to see if it's any good (though my ears don't really know what IS good, since I'm too broke to go much further and haven't finished my MHSS yet).

The fact that it has 2 inputs is nice, IMO. Since I only use two sources at my desk (CD player and Alien DAC), it'll be much smaller than using a switch or anything like that. I'm still rather new to headphone amps, and as such I don't really understand many of the numbers listed, though I did notice that the headphone output impedance was listed as just 32ohms and not the 32 to 600 ohms a lot of amps seem to have. Is this a typo, something I should be wary of, or just me not understanding numbers?

Here are some pictures of it, in case you're too lazy to go to the ebay page (or it gets taken down later on):

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So has no one heard (of) one of these?
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Judging by the lack of responses, I guess that there is very little information out there. I'll post an impression thread, along with what I find while dissecting it, when I receive it then
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Originally Posted by Bomo.is.ooc View Post
Judging by the lack of responses, I guess that there is very little information out there. I'll post an impression thread, along with what I find while dissecting it, when I receive it then
Excellent idea Thanks
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So, did you received the edifier ?
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Price is cheap. Id like to hear it. Looks like a Music Hall amp, which is Shanling anyway, still China.
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here is my pic of edifier HA

Imo, please don't waste ur $$ at it, i rather u diy a Cmoy.
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Logo Edifier is same like here:
Edifier Enterprises Canada Inc.
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Totally forgot to follow up on this. I received my HA11 about 2 months after I had ordered it, all in all dealing with the seller turned out to be a nightmare.

The unit I received was defective and, after trying for about a month to get the seller to contact me, I decided I would swallow (ouch!) the loss in hopes that it could be a weekend project sometime.

The problem with it is that when a source is fed into it, it comes out extremely muddied and horrible sounding. When the volume know is turned down to the point where it should be just about silent, it starts to pick up music from the radio (?!). In the end, I have a very hard time recommending this product and the seller that I had originally linked to.

Hopefully r_aquarii had a better experience with it than I did.
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Can't you file a dispute with paypal?
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I got the HA11 from DinoDirect in Hong Kong via air mail for less than $40. I can hear only a slight difference between it and the Fubar3/Mk2 DAC/AMP received recently. The only problem with HA11 was a putt-putt sound caused by the the 50hz, 9vac wall-wart. Of course, I replaced it with a 60hz,12vac spare from my junk box.


The HA11 seems robust with parallel 5532 drivers and oversized linear regulators. It could serve as a base for a DIY project.  Say provide sockets for the opamps.  Or add a small circuit board with buffers for low-impedance phones.

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Originally Posted by fubar3 View Post

I got the HA11 from DinoDirect in Hong Kong via air mail for less than $40.

Yes, it was cheap and I was not surprised when it has issues. However, I was content to have the metal case which I could not build for lack of a machine shop. The electronics can be fixed since it is an old-school 2-layer board, not SMD. Here are the issues:-


- The power supply is inadequate.

- The opamps are unstable

- The circuit board board input lines/lands and outputs are too close together.

- The opamp topology presents a latch-up issue.


First up.. power supply.  The power input is labelled for 9vdc. There is no common-ground so the 9vac is half-wave rectified to get about 12vdc for the regulator inputs.  But the filter capacitors are only 470uf and should be 2000uf by my reckoning. I discarded the come with wall-wart since the HA11 only issued a putt-putt sound.  A 12vac input gives 16vdc peak with 1.5v ripple.. not great but the regulators work. I added 1000uf caps in parallel with the existing 470s to reduce the ripple to 0.5v but that is optional.


There are 3*5532 opamps. Even the power supply has one connected to the common pins of the fixed requlators.  I traced the circuit which appears to be for ripple reduction. It is a fine example of overengineering.  I chopped out that 5532 and grounded the requlators. Again, that is an option.


Next up... the opamp RF generators. Since the input signal land from the RCA jacks passed underneath the 5532 on it's way to the front panel input select switch, then to the volume control and back to the 5532, I cut the land and bypassed the input switch with a shielded cable.  That did not fix it. Next, I tackled the feedback network which had a 50k/20k divider.  These were atypical values which I replaced with 10k/1k. The bottom side of the board has 2 SMD caps as CA1 and CA2. Since I don't know the correct value, I removed them.  Now the RF generator is dead. (But the 10k/1k should be tweaked for lower gain so the volumen control can be turned up.)


Finally, there is the latch-up issue.  One half of each 5532 is the amp for a channel, the other side is unity-gain buffer.  This buffer has 100 percent negative feedback. Then each opamp output pin is connected to the jack with a 50ohm resistor such that the phone sees about 25ohms. All is well in theory. However, if the phones are not plugged in when power is applied, the buffer drive has nowhere to go except back to itself via the 50 ohm resistors.  so we have 100% negative feedback and 99.99 positive feedback in a race condition. Sometimes the buffer side wins such that it becomes a latch dragging down the 9vdc to 1vdc. Plugging the phones spikes the circuit which becomes free to run.


The final mod is to ground each pin of the phone jack with a 470ohm resistor. No more latching.


I tested the HA11 with the following:-

- Area 31 -- Chesky

- The Stanley Clarke Band

- Metallica with the Phillharmonic


The HA11 input was driven from the Fubar DAC output such that I could compare the HA11 to the Fubar's internal amp. I can't discern any difference. Perhaps I need better ears and better phones.



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