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FS: Lessloss Dynamic Filtering Power Cable (SOLD)

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Mint Shape 2 meter, SOLD
One of the finest power cords available today, for sale due to bad economy.
Reviews Here:
LessLoss in the Press : LessLoss high end audio power cables, high end video power cables, audio cables, digital cables, power filter, DAC

Split shipping and paypal. No paypal fee if by MO/Cashier's/personal check (wait to clear).

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Some Print Magazine Reviews:

"Oh, Man! The clarity and precision was unheard of. And without a single negative. Dynamic expression had been unleashed. The Big Rig had become something better, more musically truthful than any system I had ever heard...anywhere...anytime."

"They are superbly constructed with a three wire braid and beautifully polished terminals. Superbly high class in every way. My feeling right now is that the LessLoss is the best power cord made regardless of price. And I don't know anyone who has auditioned and tested more power cords than I have."
-- Martin G. DeWulf
Bound For Sound
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