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Soft buzz in left channel, X-Can v3

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Hi there,

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. I just purchased an X-Can v3 from someone. Rocket Logo, platinum grade (Upscale Audio) 6H23-EB's are installed. These are excellent sounding tubes, but....

There is a soft hum or buzz coming through the left channel. Faint, but noticeable as I listen to classical music. No hissing or popping. I re-seated the tubes, but the sound is still there. The seller told me the tubes were installed in the amp in 2007, so they are not too old.

I don't want to put out money for even an inexpensive pair of tubes to see if it is an ailing tube causing the problem. I also do not/cannot put out money to have a tech look at the amp to see if a component on the circuit board is failing. That actually is my guess--that a chip is failing. I think that if a tube was going out, the noise would be more significant. I also think that a ground loop would be more noticeable.

Can anyone give a good guess as to the problem?
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Do a quick and free test, with the amp off and un-plugged swap the tubes. If the noise moves to the other channel you may have a bad tube. I say bad because the noise could be the pins on the tubes are dirty, to clean gently use an stiff hair brush or an eraser at the end of a pencil. Next check the sockets to verify they are not spread and make good contact w/ the tube pins. Re-insert the tubes, if the noise went away enjoy, if not time for a new set of tubes. You may also want to try another set of interconnects just in case.

Also before you return the unit use another source. Just in case.
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Also just try running some music through the amp for a while. You mentioned the amp was used when you bought it, but you never know... maybe it sat on a shelf (mine has for the last 6 months). The tubes in my Darkvoice amp took a good 24 hrs (of real music playing through them) to quiet down too, but they all did.

Try Miguel's suggestion first and then mine before you buy new tubes.
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When I had the X-Can v3, both channels always had a really really faint, soft hiss. My dealer told me that it was normal. He let me try another unit and that one had it too indeed. I could only hear it when no music was playing.
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Are you sure it's in the X-Can and not your headphones? You probably checked that already, but I've had a few instances over the years where I thought the problem was in one component and eventually found it was due to a different one.
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Yes, I am sure it is not my headphones. I did reverse the tubes, left to right, but did not help. The sockets look OK, but I will clean the pins and try a different set of IC's.

It has seemed that after 1 + hours of listening, and the music has stopped, that the noise is not there. That seems really bizarre. I don't know, maybe at that point my eardrums are numb or something.... Classical usually doesn't blow away one's eardrums though. I'll try the suggestions here and see what, if any, improvement will show.
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Checked all the suggestions....

Just a follow-up. Nothing has worked to eliminate the noise in the left channel of the X-Can v3. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I think it is a problem that a tech would have to track down.
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I think this is kind of design flaw as I've modded my X-Can to the max - only PCB and few resistors are stock and with very sensitive cans like W5000 I can hear this fiss more from the left channel I think this might be cables going close to emission elements.
Once again in my unit this is completely inaudible with HD650 or AKG, only W5000.
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I have owned several V2's and a V3. Some fully modded and some stock. Never had a problem as described here.

say3true are you by any chance in the UK?
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re: questions re: X-Can V3

I am located in the U.S.

I cleaned the pins on the tubes, checked the tube sockets and followed through on the other suggestions. Nothing helped.

The seller was very kind and gave me a refund. He is having the X-Can checked over. I regret parting with it as it was a VERY nice sounding amp with the Rocket 6H23-eb tubes. Just didn't have the money to handle a tech's fees.

So ends the story....
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I have the same problem the left channel makes a slight hum and what... hrrrrr

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