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Cheap replacement cable for Grado SR60?

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I have a pair of Grado SR60's that I bought about 5 years ago. At some point I accidentally tugged on the cable and i think I somehow damaged the wires at the Y joint. I would lose sound completely to 1 ear, but by fiddling with the cable at the Y on the dead side I could restore the sound. It worked for a while but eventually the 1 side died out completely.

I now have AKG K270's, K701's and Shure E4G's, so fixing these isn't a huge priority and it's not something I want to spend a lot of money on, but that being said I'd rather fix them then throw them in the garbage. I recently took them apart and contacted Grado to see if I could buy a replacement cable, but Grado said they do not sell their parts individually and that I would have to mail them in and send $25 to have them repaired.

I don't really want to spend $15 to send them to Grado, $25 for them to fix the phones plus return postage plus the duties and taxes to get them back into Canada.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap cable to get my SR60's back up and running? I've searched but to no avail.

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You can post a WTB ad on the cables forums, I'm sure someone has a spare grado stock cable somewhere!

I've used mogami cable to re-cable mine, it's pretty cheap iirc. at $1 or 2 a foot. The connectors are another few dollars.
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Are you sure you don't want to just buy a new pair?

If I were you I'd probably do that, and just encase the old one in a glass box, frame it, and hang it in my bedroom
No, I'm serious. A glass box. That would be awesome.
But then again, I'm a young foolish Grado fanboy

If recabling is the only way, I'd use a better cabe instead.

Sorry, I know I'm not helping
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If you can solder, here's a pretty cheap DIY cable, that may be better than the stock cable.

Get a $5-$10 Neutrik or Switchcraft Phone plug, a CAT5e (several choices of length) network cable and some shrink wrap and techflex.

The network cable has 4 twisted pairs inside. You can use all eight of the wires by combining the pairs so that you'll have 1pair for right positive and 1pair for right negative, and the same for the left side.

Take the two negative combined pairs and solder them to the negative post on the phone plug.

You could even use the CAT5 insulation below the "Y" and just have the wires themselves going up to the drivers with some shrink wrap strategically placed for stress relief, and skip the techflex altogether.

Edit: also shrinkwrap is best used in layers for stress relief. I make a three layer SR by making each new layer a bit longer than the one underneith it.
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I think it'd be better to get some mogami rather than using Cat5e >_>

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the 2893 should work well
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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On second thought......the insulation on the CAT5e wires is probably too stiff to make good headphone cables. It's ok for interconnects though.

Better go with the mogami.
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Originally Posted by nullstring View Post
I think it'd be better to get some mogami rather than using Cat5e >_>

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the 2893 should work well
x2 the mogami. way under rated.
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