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Originally Posted by Zombie_X View Post

The amp is not that powerful for low impedance stuff at all. The amp is class A but specializes with voltage rather than current. That's why low impedance stuff does not do well on it, namely the K701 and K702. Both models crave current but the Phonitor/Auditor lack a high current output. Not only that but both amps have a 9Ohm output impedance which means the headphones should be around 70-80 Ohms at least. Grado's sound fine on the amp because they do not need much current as they are highly sensitive.


As for the cables, BJC are nice cables. I've owned cables from them in the past and they were built really solid!


It seems counter intuitive, but I'm not up to speed on Ohms law, ha ha..  Many thanks. 


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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm looking into this amp. Coming from an old Roc user, I can relate this one to that pretty well. Did you compare the SE on the Roc to the Auditor, or the balanced operation to the auditor? thanks! 

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Originally Posted by bluemonkeyflyer View Post

Anyone have comments about the SPL Phonitor with Audeze LCD2's low impedance?

I know this is an old thread, but this is a question that has been asked a number of times in different threads. Soon (hopefully) I may be able to chime in since i am getting the HE-6. I know, they are not Audezes but also low impedance and even harder to drive. I have read many posts that speake about the paper specs and the apparent incompatibility of low impedance cans with the phonitor, but then people here on headfi, people like Jude and the Wuss, have actually tried them and say that the combo is surprisingly good. I should have my cans in a week or 2 and then I am planning on posting my impressions. I will compare them to my HD800 set up as well as the performance of He-6 off my Onkyo receiver (off speaker posts) and the SPL phonitor. I am also going to a meet, where I will be able to hear the new GSX with the HE-6 and do a less precise compatrison in that respect --  with meet conditions taken under consideration. Let me know if you are interested. If I get couple of people that are still interested, it will help with the motivation aspect of this.

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Did we get any reply / opinion with the LCD2's... interested myself?

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The Auditor had no issues with being able to drive the LCD2's when I had them on loan for 2 months.  Nor does it have issues driving my HE-500's.


The Auditor is a Phonitor minus the added crossfeed and other controls.

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If SPL could improve one thing on the next model of the Auditor / Phonitor would be to update the pot for smoother tracking.  Currently, when turning the pot, its jerky when compared to my Audio-gd ROC SA pot, which is BUTTERY SMOOOOOOOOOOTH. The SPL pot stutters as you turn it slowly, while trying to hone in on just the right volume level.  Having my DAC set to XLR low gain (1.5v me thinks), helps with the volume travel but the feel of the pot is still crap. IT'S CRAP!


I do enjoy the FEEL of the SPL volume dial over the Audio-gd volume dial.  Audio-gd's dial circumference is fine, but they made it too short putting it too close to the case.  The metallic feel is not welcomed here.  SPL volume dial materials feel 'space age'.  Smooth plastic feel with a tad of smooth grip.


Amplifier manufactures should NEVER EVER skimp on the quality of the pot, followed by the quality of the dial that is over the pot.  It's the one thing we as music connoisseurs touch the most in all of our gear, the Volume Dial.  Not only SEXY looking, but SEXY feeling she should be. :thumbs:

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SPL Auditor Vs. Audio-gd ROC SA


Fed by Reference 5.2 via coax.

HE-500 for headphones.

Calexico - Algiers LP - Track 4 - Fortune Teller


At the intro...

R-SA overly bloomy and boomy in the bass region.  I don't believe this is a headphone control/power issue, its the amp is adding in its own colour to the sound issue.

SPL-A is spot on. Wow, every note, every instrument, every sound is so damn well controlled. Nothing is out of place. Like a fine pressed suit. Its PERFECT.  I saying the garment is perfect ;)


Once I heard that, I didn't bother with the other frequency's.  As an amp, if you can control the lower registers of the mix, you've done good, Real Good.  The end.

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SPL Auditor Vs. Audio-gd ROC SA pt.2


XLR going from DAC to SPL (passthrough) to A-GD

Song: Nirvana - Unplugged LP - Track 4 - The Man Who Sold The World (Previously a song by Calexico)

Headphones: K501's (Previously HE-500)


SPL Auditor is precise.  Grain free background. Quick decaying notes. Lacks euphony. Lacks syrup!

Audio-gd ROC SA ... I don't know how to describe. Its difficult.  The added bloomy warmth across the bass, mids and highs gives an impression of depth to notes and stage without sacrificing details or speed.  JUST what the doctor had ordered.


the end.

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Thanks Rezolver :)


So am I getting this right, you have two set ups to suit your music preferences!?.... excellent! :)

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Yeah.  Completely unnecessary.  If I was allowed to only keep one amp, it would bet he Auditor.

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What's the use of XLR outputs ?

XLR Inputs connects to the Preamp (XLR to XLR or XLR to RCA).

But the XLR Outputs goes where ?

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Originally Posted by quantx View Post

What's the use of XLR outputs ?

XLR Inputs connects to the Preamp (XLR to XLR or XLR to RCA).

But the XLR Outputs goes where ?


I believe the idea with the Phonitor and Auditor is that you connect it in line with your studio equipment. So you connect the phonitor between your source component and the speakers. The XLR out goes to your studio monitor speakers, which are often XLR input only. 

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Yes, in fact, SPL replied to me (both USA and Germany) in a split second. These guys are efficient.

XLR In > Preamp

XLR  out > Source

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