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I quit a week ago and moved to Pipe-Fi!
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Originally Posted by SiBurning View Post
Haven't bought a pack yet, but the tax increase on roll your own is huge. We got off easy last time, and the big tobacco companies are also paying extortion through the settlements, so I guess it's time. Dread seeing how bad it'll be.
Looks like prices doubled for roll your own tobacco in PA. Still only 25 a carton though..
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Originally Posted by malldian View Post
Looks like prices doubled for roll your own tobacco in PA. Still only 25 a carton though..
Yeah, I bought some Drum roll-your-own at 7-11 in Boston and it was over $7! A year or two ago, it was ~$3.

Nat Sherman MCD's for me, but I don't smoke anymore. Only when I'm quite drunk.
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My occasional smoke preference is anything with cloves. That said, I smoke less than one a week, generally whenever I'm drunk or extremely stressed.
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Dutch blue drum (not the US stuff)
rizla orange OR
zigzag regulars

cardboard filter.

Can't beat 2-4 of those a day.
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Originally Posted by Zodduska View Post
I quit a week ago and moved to Pipe-Fi!
That's what I'm planning to do; how's it working out for you? My pipes come in tomorrow and my pouch of crappy RYO Bugler should run out by the end of tonight. Used to smoke RYO Bali Shag (as well as a wide variety of pre-rolled cigarettes) which I really enjoyed until it was discontinued in the US due to the new taxes.
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No-ones mentioned my smoke of choice yet
B&H (Benson and Hedges) - Smooths
If I feel like something heavier, B&H - Classics

When I roll my smokes which I most often do, Bank is the tobacco of choice.

This year I probably average 1 cigarette every 2/3 days, and dammit I enjoy it. I hate people telling me I'll get cancer when they don't actually know my habit (besides there are enough doctors in my family capably of telling me). My grandmother on the other hand, she smoked 60 a day, God only knows how she didn't get cancer, or emphysema.
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Quit smoking after one whole month of the "habit," if you could even call it that. I smoke one every odd couple of weeks, if not less.
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When I smoke cigarettes I either roll my own using pipe tobacco from my local smoke shop, or I smoke American Spirits Original.
Most of the time I smoke my pipe
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Bad news guys:
Are the new FSC fire-safe cigarettes making smokers sicker than ever?

YouTube - Fire Safe Cigarettes - Or - Smokers as Lab Experiments

What you DON'T know about FSC cigarettes... VERY IMPORTANT

Join the Anti-FSC facebook group and invite all your friends to join as well.
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I was standing in front of a smoker, my god I was retching and coughing. How could anyone want to smell like that? It's worse than horse manure.
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I'm one for the list of social smokers/when I need to relax. My dad was a heavy smoker (in fact it is what ultimately caused his death, but I'm talking at least 2-3 packs a day) and thus that is what gave me a taste for it. It's odd though because I can't stand the smell in the morning or earlier part of the afternoon, and I have to move away if someone is having a smoke at the bus stop etc. But in the evenings I find it really enjoyable. I'll only have the odd few during the week though, a pack will easily last a month or two!
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I used to smoke American Spirit. Since I switched to Marlboro Lights, I can't go back. Damn you Marlboro and your additives!! I just need to quite once and for all.
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Hah I forgot to mention what I smoke! Same as above, Marlboro lights.
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I've never heard of such a thing as a fire-safe cigarettes..don't people have more pressing issues? glad to say there is no such thing in Israel, and there won't be for at least a couple of years.

I smoke around a pack a day of an Israeli brand (Noblesse).
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