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Anyone ever use the Young June lavatube, I can get it from DHGate for $50, or does anyone know a cheaper place to get one

Is there a better variable voltage ecig ?



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Yes, there are many better. That particular APV is a good bit dated. My problem with them was their longevity. That said its still a nice APV and may work a long time and it will certainly do the job but I would look more into something like the new LavaTube or even better a Vamo or SVT. There is also the Zmax V3 that looks super nice, even a telescoping model.

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i'm also with golden short Marlboros.

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Camel Crush.  Before that it was the Marlboro lights.  But then again, I smoke 1 pack per week just to curb with the cravings sometime.  

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Quit as well. Formerly a fan of Parliaments, but when my tastebuds matured, I realized how nasty they were. Moved on to Marlboro reds and then stopped. The money's going towards better hobbies now anyway. 

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I pack my own. Farmers Gold. Cost .97 cents a pack. Leaves me enough money to...ahem...indulge in my not so cheap hobbies. If I don't feel like packing, then it's Marlboro Blacks. Tried Natural American Spirit yesterday...not worth the price.

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As long as you can find decent tubes to fill, i think packing your own is best,


Just the pain when some bum on the street asks you for a cig after all that hard work :P

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a fan of lucky strike red and dunhill mild here.

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Quitting smoking is easy. I've quit five times this year! :D


Half a pack of Camel 99's a day is where I'm at currently, I refuse to let myself smoke more than that.

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For me it depends where i am. I've cut down to like 3 cigarettes a week now so I'm proud of myself! I'd rather smoke 3 or 4 really damn good cigs per week than chainsmoke Marlboros. To me they taste like hot dirt.



United States:Dimitrino Botschafter, Nat Sherman MCD, then American Spirits (my standards go down as they get harder to find)

Colombia: Lucky Strikes

Panama: Dunhill Red

France & Germany: Gauloises (they taste terrible but you feel like Serge Gainsbourg in a whorehouse when you smoke them)

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Casual smoker here

Personal preference being Malboro Black Menthol and Malboro Gold. Next Chill is pretty decent but too chilly for me, Winston Red Classic is a tad harsh lol
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Marlboro Light, thinking of quitting .

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i normally smoke marlboro light. or benson n hedges. One of the places i spin at is an annex to the main building and as such is the smoking area. when im working i got through a whole pack almost in two hours, but thats coz i light one, put it down, get busy with a mix, customers annoying me for requests etc, then by the time i come back to the ashtray the ciggie is burned out! 

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i dont normally smoke, but when i go to canada i buy a few packs of djarum black cloves. here in the land of the free, we cant buy flavored cigarettes anymore.... so much for freedom....

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For any peeps looking for good quality smokes I would encourage you to look into Hestia Tobacco. I believe those whom truly appreciate a good smoke will be hard pressed to find something so convenient and well thought out (in terms of the type of paper used to roll the tobacco).

I've tried em personally and quite like em to the point of them being the ONLY smokes I get unless I find organic virgina flue cured whole leaf with my other organic whole leaves of choice (which is kinda hard to come by reliably)


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