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Anyone ever use the Young June lavatube, I can get it from DHGate for $50, or does anyone know a cheaper place to get one

Is there a better variable voltage ecig ?



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Yes, there are many better. That particular APV is a good bit dated. My problem with them was their longevity. That said its still a nice APV and may work a long time and it will certainly do the job but I would look more into something like the new LavaTube or even better a Vamo or SVT. There is also the Zmax V3 that looks super nice, even a telescoping model.

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i'm also with golden short Marlboros.

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Camel Crush.  Before that it was the Marlboro lights.  But then again, I smoke 1 pack per week just to curb with the cravings sometime.  

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Quit as well. Formerly a fan of Parliaments, but when my tastebuds matured, I realized how nasty they were. Moved on to Marlboro reds and then stopped. The money's going towards better hobbies now anyway. 

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I pack my own. Farmers Gold. Cost .97 cents a pack. Leaves me enough money to...ahem...indulge in my not so cheap hobbies. If I don't feel like packing, then it's Marlboro Blacks. Tried Natural American Spirit yesterday...not worth the price.

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As long as you can find decent tubes to fill, i think packing your own is best,


Just the pain when some bum on the street asks you for a cig after all that hard work :P

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a fan of lucky strike red and dunhill mild here.

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Quitting smoking is easy. I've quit five times this year! :D


Half a pack of Camel 99's a day is where I'm at currently, I refuse to let myself smoke more than that.

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For me it depends where i am. I've cut down to like 3 cigarettes a week now so I'm proud of myself! I'd rather smoke 3 or 4 really damn good cigs per week than chainsmoke Marlboros. To me they taste like hot dirt.



United States:Dimitrino Botschafter, Nat Sherman MCD, then American Spirits (my standards go down as they get harder to find)

Colombia: Lucky Strikes

Panama: Dunhill Red

France & Germany: Gauloises (they taste terrible but you feel like Serge Gainsbourg in a whorehouse when you smoke them)

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Casual smoker here

Personal preference being Malboro Black Menthol and Malboro Gold. Next Chill is pretty decent but too chilly for me, Winston Red Classic is a tad harsh lol
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