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some of here should still have money to buy cigarettes right??

personally enjoy nat shermans, but they are quite expensive, what do you smoke?
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i roll my own... tobacco of choice is american spirit though i don't use the included papers
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I quit ,and miss them dearly.But I feel much better.
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I quit more than 10 years ago-from 40 red Marlboro a day to nothing.
If I can do it, anybody can.
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I'm still on the Golden Virginia roll-ups but ever since I first read Allen Carr's Easy way to Quit Smoking I cannot take pride in it lol. He paints the true picture and I am no under no illusions that I am a nicotine addict. I have only been smoking 3 and a half years so I'm not too worried just yet but I do need to quit asap. Still, I'm heavily into Zappa atm and he was a chain smoker so I'm finding a wierd comfort in that currently!
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The best cigarette is a broken one...

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Thats a difficult image!
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I think nicotine is an excellent drug. It is a pity about the prevailing delivery system. Nicotine patches allow you to experience the drug without the carbon monoxide or chemicals.

I gave up smoking (and patches) a while back. I used to quite like Davidoffs in the red packet.
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Hollywood's image

and the reality

Smokers smell, their sweat stinks and is slimey, and breath stinks.
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i think if one quits before 30, the chances of developing problems drops significantly, although it is better to quit early of course....
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time to grow up and leave the cancer stick aside. its totally "out" anyway
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you know if you are only going to post anti smoking comments in a thread titled "cigarette-fi" you might be better off NOT POSTING

sorry for the mini-modesque post but i'm tired of the holier than thou attitude alot of non-smokers have

that said some smokers should rethink their smoking habits (like who is in the area when they are smoking)
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Ah...the demon weed. I used to imbibe. One to two packs a day. Alternated between Camel Filters, Gitane Blonde, Drum or Samson Dutch shag rolling tobacco, Dunhills, Rothman's International, Players Melange, Players regular or light, Black Cat corks, and whatever else I could get my hands on. Cigars were fun and I liked the Nat Sherman's, Hoya de Monteray Excaliber series, Arturo Fuente Hemingways, Upmannn robustos, and many others.
Pipes were cool--I liked Erinmore Flake the best. I still have a Peterson system pipe and a Kirsten pipe and a couple others, but they are just for show now.

Damn, tobacco was fun. Cancer wasn't.
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Locally I have to settle for a Marlboro red or Light. While I was in the US, my favorites were the golden short Marlboros.

Once in a blue moon, I'd roll my own cigarette as well - those dutch Drums, they are awesome.
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