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Sorry to dig this thread from down under!


My D-5 of over (25+ years) is showing a 'BATT' indicator and thus not playing any discs. Anyone know the reason to why this is happening?

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When my Sony CD player said BATT it meant the battery was flat, but that would be a model from at least 1995 so it might have changed.  Not sure that's any help but more info would be good - are you running on batteries?  Have you tried it plugged in to mains (if that's an option)?  Was it working recently?

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Thanks for your reply. Was thinking this was too old of a product to bring up, since many may not have it or have moved on.


Here's the picture. Notice the 'BATT' showing to the left. I didnt know the 'batt' indicator came after 1995. Notice the wire to the right. it is powered via. adapter


It never happened before. I have the battery pack but never used it as long as I remember (since it needs 6 batteries). I use a Sony 9V adapter with the correct polarity, and have been using it for the past 5-6 years. It was given to me around 1997 by an uncle so I dont know the original date of purchase.


I'm gonna miss this dearly if it doesnt work properly, as its sounds is so unique to nothing I have listened to yet.


I was thinking maybe it's because of a reading error by the player when it powers up, but I could be wrong!

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Wow, that is really retro!


I've looked around and found this manual (click the D-5 below the pic) which says "This batt indicator appears when disc playing starts.  During battery opperation, this indicator shows the battery condition.  When the batteries are weak, the indicator flickers" so it sounds like it should always have been showing - are you sure it wasn't?  If the CD spins as normal it could just be a dirty lazer but I guess you tried cleaning that.


If I were you I'd try it with batteries (assuming that the battery pack doesn't plug into the same socket as the mains adaptor), if it works then the problem is with the mains part of the power circuit and should be an easy fix for someone who knows what they're doing.


Other than that there are lots of checks in service mode on page 10 of the pdf which I would try, if you're not afraid of opening it up.

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Thanks for the manual, will try troubleshooting one of these days (procedures look a bit complicated)


The 'BATT' should NOT be coming on when plugged with a 9V adapter. I think the discman is sensing the 9V as an external battery pack since

it does connect through the same socket.

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Hmm... I wonder if your mains adaptor is dying in that case.  Do you have another you could test it with?  Voltage and polarity need to be the same but higher amps is ok (they're labeled with the max they can supply).

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I currently own D-5 and functions perfectly, it's Sony's first discman released back in 1985. It's built like a tank and has outlasted some of my newer PCDPs. As far why your D-5 isn't playing any cds, does the cd spins when you press play or is it that the D-5 doesn't read the cd properly? As far as the batt indicator being on when using a 9v ac adapter, this is normal as I also use a 9v ac adapter to power my unit with the batt indicator on it still plays cds flawlessly.

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The CD doesn't spin now when I press play. Last month it played fine and I put it away. I use it really sparingly when I'm in the mood. Now that you mention the batt display is normal, I'm guessing it finally died?:triportsad:


It is truly a gem of an audiophile product!

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If the ac adapter you're currently using has worked fine with the D-5 in the past, then it could possibly be that the motor has died. Try posting the problem on Kaosun's vintage cd player thread or pm him in the link below to see if he can be of some help. Kaosun is really knowledgeable in vintage pcdps and can perform repairs on most vintage pcdps. Other solution is to hunt for another D-5 on ebay, but be aware some of the sellers on ebay ask for an arm and a leg for certain vintage pcdps and bidding can get competitive with some buyers paying ridiculous prices. Good luck



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Thanks for the help. Will post there and hopefully he can help me out.


I dont think I'll purchase another discman esp d-5 since they are just too old and dont know how long they'll live.

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Just an update. It has started to work again.

I think I connected a 6V adapter and then a 9V with the same polarity when I posted last time and thus it didnt respond.

I left it alone for almost 2 months (I was in grief) and now connected it with the 9V adapter.



I think it is sensitive and I hurt its feelings!


Thanks all for your help!


Please excuse the other portions of the image, I'm stuck in my kids room as they are sleeping in mine, and chilling out to the 90s'

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Great!  I guess 6v when you're expecting 9 feels a lot like a flat battery to a simple minded CDP :darthsmile:

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