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Over the ear and under the ear. Perhaps OP should make a poll for this.

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a poll would be interesting


I wear mine over the ears and down the front as well.  Had to buy a music phone adapter for my SE530s so I could listen to my slingbox on my blackberry during my commute - that adapter wouldn't work too well down the back.  Besides, dress shirts that are tucked in aren't very conducive to running wires down your back.  I guess it could go over the ears -> down the back -> around to the front -> and out the fly but that just sounds way too uncomfortable.

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Interestingly, the UE TF10vi has a mic on the cable where the only way you can use it is when you wear the iem over the ear and under the chin in front of you.

So that contradicts the video made by UE.

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My HF2 I wear straight down and under chin due to the microphone. All other iem's I where over ear and have the y join in the neck but then run the cable over the shoulder and down the front, not down the back
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I wear it down front, and if the slack becomes a problem I slip my iPod down my shirt. Surely I'm not the only one who does this.. :)

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Poll: How do you wear yours?  Click your pick.. View Post 


Originally Posted by koonhua90 View Post  Over the ear and under the ear. Perhaps OP should make a poll for this.

Why the OP, why not do it in honor of the OP?


Originally Posted by TK33 View Post  a poll would be interesting.  I wear mine over the ears and down the front as well.

The poll has been running about a week.  It seems a lot of Hi-Fi, IEM wearers wear them the same way that you do.  Over the ears and down the front.


Originally Posted by captian73 View Post   I always wear, place the cable under my chin and hook the wires over my ears.

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I wear my Westone 2 over the ear with the cable under my chin. I thought about wearing it behind having the cable run down my back but it would be a hassle since I usually wear some sort of jacket when I'm outside

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I wear my Super.Fi 3s over the ear, but only down my back when I'm sneaking it in during class.

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Down front when listening through computer. Out and about: 100% down back (usually  with a small piece of tape). Stealthy. Moreso when its covered by a jacket.

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Down the back and over the ears, or down the back and regular style (not over the ears) unless I'm going for a ride or something else where I notice that the cable is pulling against my back, in which case its down the front through my shirt.


Nothing bugs me more than a dangling cable. 

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