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How do you wear yours?

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I've got a couple of IEM's (like you do) however with the over the ear wires, I always wear place the cable under my chin and hook the wires over my ears. When i saw the UE video (i think it was) where the cable goes behind the neck, and the cable over the ears, i thought: does anyone else wear their cables under their chin or is it just me? I don;t want to be alone on this
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i have tried to wear behind my back, but not in normal walk-about times. when im bicycling or other active stuff, i tuck the cable behind me through my shirt and down my back, but usually, it is in front below my chin. im sure that is the norm.

whenever i see someone on the train with a shure or ue, they always have the cable in front of them!
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Behind the back is for stage work mostly, where the receiver is placed on a belt on your back.

I have mine over my ears and under my chin. Easier to work with.

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My IEMs aren't over the ear style, but I do the same thing for active use with them because of microphonics. I've tried using them behind the neck, but it just doesn't feel right to me.
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I wear my IEM's over my ears as intended by the manufactured....
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I wear mine dpwn my back, because I have them connected to my rig that is usually in my bag, but out of force of habit I still usually wezr them down my back if i'm going pocket-portable with my pico
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I've never seen anyone with them behind the back out in real life...
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I wear my SE530's over the ear, but it can be a bit of a PIA... especially if I have to take them on and off regularly. I had to get the little silicone ear guides from Audeo because I was having so much trouble with the wire flopping off the top of my ear. Of course the ear guides are getting loose and I have to push the wire back in at the curved part every time I put them on now. I guess I need to get the PTH attachment so I never have to take them off.

I wear my 3's and 4's down typically... main because the wire won't stay over the top of my ear consistently.

I find that running them down the back is too much of a pain to bother with normally. Of course I can't do that when I'm using the microphone.
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i wear mine over the ears regardless of if there is there is memory wire or not and it goes under the chin

dont think i could wear mine behind the back ever since i usually wear my backpack with me when i go anywhere
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I wear: under the chin.

But I rarely see any head-fier's during commute. Its lonely
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I wear mine over the ears and under my chin, except when I'm on the treadmill. I find the cable less distracting when I wear it down my back in that case.
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Phew! I'm glad i'm not the only one.
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yep. when i'm using my IEMs for onstage monitoring and for running, i run the cable down the back. when i'm walking about, it depends, sometimes down the back if i can be arsed, but usually down the front is my choice.
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Over the ear, down the front. Can't be bothered to run it down the back.

I have never seen anyone tuck the cable down the back except for performers.
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Over the ear, down the front as well, the Shure SE530's bigass Y-split is just uncomfortable to wear down my back.
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