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Okay, right now I am basically down to three choices, tentatively in the following order:

1. Cambridge A500
2. Creek 4330
3. NAD C340 (or maybe 320, since it seems to have the same sound but less power)

I must admit that this is mainly because the first two were Stereophile-recommended in Class C in April 2001, and the 340 used to be on the rec. comp list... I'm still open to suggestions about other amps (integrated and power amps) which can be had for less than $400.

What should I look for in an amplifier for speakers? I have heard that most of the difference is in the pre-amplifier, for which I will probably use a Sugden Headmaster. Perhaps there's no point in spending much money on a good amplifier for sub-$300 speakers (Axiom Millenia M3Ti)? Oh well... I'm confused =(

--Befuddled in Boston
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I don't know how efficient the Concertino's are and what volumes you need it to go up to but you may want to consider some tube amps. The Zen triode amp from Steve Deckart sounds interesting

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Wing, I wanted to go tube, but I really couldn't afford it. The Concertino's aren't all that efficient (87db)...

I'm really happy with everything about the Rotel for now, of course I haven't tried any speakers on it I'll definitely post how the Concertino's sound out of it on Tuesday!
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The Zen amp cost $399 if you build it yourself, $499 for a complete unit, so in a way you could have afforded it. Tubes are more fun than SS, there something romantic about music coming from glowing glass tubes. They supposedly sound better too.
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Well, let me put it this way... I couldn't have afforded a tube amp that would power them properly.
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