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Poweramp suggestions...

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Hey guys, I need some help

I've decided to venture into the world of speakers, and in a little less than a week I'm going to be buying some Sonus Faber Concertino's, and need an amp. My budget is about $400 for the amp right now, so I'm looking for a decent budget amp. At first I was looking at an integrated Yamaha (100x2), but thought about it and have almost decided on the Cambridge Audio A500. Has anyone actually tried this amp? How does it sound? Bright, warm, neutral?

Also, how 'bout speaker cables? Should I just buy some cheap monster cable for now? Or is there something that would be kinda cheap and sound lots better? I need lots of help, so any input would be appreciated! Thanks.
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On the speaker cables... well, try DIY Cat 5, seems to be pretty good...
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Ack, no Monster cables! If you want cheap and non-DIY, just get RadioShack speaker wire.
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flumpus: I'm not sure, but maybe you could already get the marantz pm8000 for your budget. That's a good classical style full featured integrated amp, which can also be switched to class a operation. The pm7000 isn't much worse, but has no class a mode. Maybe you should have a look at these... Of course, nad and rotel might be also worth a look. and then there's this new stereo receiver hk3470 from harman-kardon, which is surprisingly good and even below your limit. Maybe worth a closer look, too...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Thanks for the suggestions lini, I'll definitely look into those! And below my budget is always good


Just looked into the marantz pm7000 (can't find the 8000), and it looks very nice. Even found it for $400, which would work. Has more power than the Cambridge, so it might be what I'm looking for... Thanks lini!
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flumpus: Oh, you're welcome. Nevertheless you should look for the pm8000, too, I suppose. Class A operation might be very nice with the Concertinos...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: And don't forget the HK3470 - it's listed for 799 Mark here, so you could probably find it for US§ 300 - 320. Oh, and it's got a phono input, too - something that harmon-kardon doesn't offer in their a/v-receivers, anymore...
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a $400 for the Sonus Faber Concertino's? Are you sure? I would use a amp no less then a $1000 for those speakers!

Save some money and audition something better, otherwise you'll be upgrading in a month and wasted the $400 on a amp that can't power the Sonus Faber Concertino's properly.
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The amps I'm looking at should be able to power them fine... The yamaha I was looking at was powering some martin logans and they still sounded phenominal.

And I won't be upgrading in a month, can't afford it... This will last me a while.
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Hey lini, you know a place online to buy Rotel stuff at a good price? I guess this goes out to everyone... thanks
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Also try Audiosourse Amp Three/Two

Look at what people on AR rated them. I have the Amp Three - it's damn good for tha $. I have heard of people listening to the Amp Two w/Legacy speakers and B&W 800 series speakers.
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After hearing the Cary 300SEI integrated amplifier, I know that's an amp I'll have to have (far) in the future. Because of that, I also know that I'll probably be able to keep upgrading my amplifier.

Can anyone recommend a good power amplifier for around $200 or less? Used equipment is okay. I don't need much power, since it will probably be running the Axiom Millenia M3Ti speakers I'm planning on purchasing. It doesn't need to be integrated, because I'll be using it with the Sugden Headmaster (or possibly my Wheatfield HA-1) as pre-amplifier. If it is integrated, it doesn't need to have a good headphone jack. I'm also not interested in receivers; after all, shouldn't an amp geared toward a stereo-only set-up be superior to a home-theater-geared receiver at the same price? Any help would be greatly appreciated; thanks.
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A used NAD integrated would be perfect. NAD amps are built very well, and you should be able to get a used 300-series, which are all great amps, for around $200 used.
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I was wondering, though, if perhaps buying a power amp that doesn't have the pre-amp built in might provide me with better quality sound for the money? Or are all amps at this price point integrated?
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I just got the Rotel RA-972, and as a headphone amp I'm very happy with it Powering my HD600's really well.

I did get to hear it compared to a marantz pm7000, and it was a little warmer, a little tighter, I just liked the sound better. Sounded more natural. The marantz had more power, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

I get my speakers on tuesday, and then we'll find out how I really like it. Anyway, the build quality is great, it's really nice. If anyone is looking to spend between 400 and 500 on an integrated amp, definitely look into this one.
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DanG: Well, reasonable power amps usually start between US$ 400 - 500. Below that you can only find a few new power amps that are actually designed to drive the additional rear speaker(s) for 7.1-surround, but I wouldn't recommend these. Still, even a $500-unit doesn't necessarily have to sound better than a similarly priced integrated, but it will most definitely have more power.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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