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Best earphones under 60$

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I listen to trance alot, but im NOT a bass-fan. For me the melody is way more important then the bass. But ofcourse the bass have to be solid, not blurry.
What earphone do you suggest to buy?
My budget is around 60$, (can go higher if an earphone is 10x better if i add 20$) Im not really an audiophile, but i can't stand the sucky sound out of my generic earphones that came with my mp4 player

thnx in advance
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Yuin PK3 - $40 from head-direct.com and they sound great. You can read more about them in this thread, YUIN PK3 VS NuForce NE-7M VS ??? What's your prefered bang-4-the-buck portable headphone.

And read more here: Yuin PK3 Appreciation Thread
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Big love for the pk3. Oh so good.
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#1 - NuForce NE-7M -- $50, good detail, crisp trebles, good bass extension, good isolation (I vacuumed this weekend with them on, and heard nothing but music!!)

#2 - Yuin PK3 -- $40, good detail, more mids than NE-7M, OK trebles and bass, earbuds that allow you to stay in contact with the world around you.

BTW, I have both.
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totally bogus..
ne-7m costs almost ~100CAD

you should get the nuforce if you can for $50!
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By "earphone" do you necessarily mean "headphones to stick in your ears"? I ask because if you can accept on-ear headphones, KSC75s and PX100s should be in your list.
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This friday im getting hearing device (NO not because too loud music ) so im not sure i can use in-earphones (im gettig a really small hearing device )

If i cant use in-ear's ill get PK3, or else ill get ne-7m's
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