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Elekit TU-882 Vacuum Tube (5670W x 2) Headphone Amp  

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TU-882R(kit)/TU-882AS (pcb assembled) vacuum tube stereo headphone amplifier was developed for the enjoyment of the vacuum tube sound from a digital sound source without being interference of the surrounding environment.

The mechanical specification is as rich as the sound it produces. A number of input/output terminals are available; 3 levels of headphone output terminals (LOW, MIDDLE, and HIGH) that allow you to use any commercially available headphones, and an input priority terminal at the front panel, and on the back side, a loop-through output terminal that outputs the input signals as they are.

The coupling capacitor uses a non-inductive PP film capacitor which has excellent electric characteristics in non-inductive construction.

The cathode bypass capacitor uses an OS-CON (organic semiconductor capacitor). In addition, the power transformer has a magnetic flux leakage reducing configuration alongside the shield panel which is installed in a special way so that the influence to other surrounding parts and components is minimized to produce the best quality sound.

With all these features, we hope you enjoy the clear and rich sound of TU-882 Vacuum tube stereo headphone amplifier

Features of TU-882

Twin Triode Vacuum Tube
5670W x 2

"True" triode amplifiers have always had a small, but faithful following. Their tonality,
grain-free presentation and sound staging are cherished by triode amplifier owners.
The triode vacuum tube is the most linear amplifying device yet devised." Triode tubes primarily produce second order harmonic distortion which is cancelled out using push-pull design topology. This results in a tube amplifier with extremely low higher and odd order distortion, two factors which can detract from the musical experience.

Commercially available headphones of all impedances can be connected to the mini-jack (Low-Mid) and or the standard jack (Low-Mid-High). If the speaker is connected at the LOW impedance setting, then it will produce a low volume.

There is no shortage of power. This headphone amplifier has a 200mWx2 output to power all kinds of headphones. On average, headphones require less than 100mW to power the headphone to achieve a reasonable audio level. Using less than half of the power capacity will optimize the full potential of the triode tubes.

There are two inputs, the RCA jacks (located on the back side) and a stereo mini-jack ((located on the front side), in which the mini-jack is given priority. For example, if a CD player is connected to the back mini-jack, the device connected to the front will be given priority. Some portable audio devices may not function properly because of the differentiating designs of the output circuit and terminals.

The loop-through-output-terminal enables an amplifier to be simultaneously used together with the headphone.

Quality-selected circuit components, such as the Oriental Core transformers used in the output and power transformers, produce a better and more balanced sound quality. The Polypropylene coupling capacitor uses a high-frequency PP film capacitor. This PP film capacitor has excellent electric characteristics such as high-frequency properties and non-inductive construction.

Some of the superior features of the OS-CON type capacitor:

Very low ESR
ESR is stable over a wide temperature range
Wide temperature range -55 degrees C to 105 degrees C
Wide frequency range
High ripple current capability
Long life

The ripple filter circuit, used with the MOSFET, is built-in with the power supply circuit. This filter, used in our higher-end amplifier models, helps to reduce humming noise.

TU-882 Vacuum Tube 5670W x 2 will be available in March 2009 in North America. This is a limited version. The product is made in Japan.

TU-882R (120V) $380.00 (kit)
TU-882R (230V) $385.00
TU-882AS (120V) $445.00 (PCB assembled)
TU-882AS (230V) $455.00

Paypal Please add 3%
  • Vacuum tube / 5670W×2
  • Rated output / 200mW(RL=6Ω or 32Ω or 600Ω)
  • Output impedance / LOW 4~20Ω、MID 20~100Ω、HIGH 100~1kΩ
  • Rate input / 400mV
  • Input resistance / 50kΩ
  • Frequency response / 20Hz~50kHz
  • Voltage / AC120V 50/60Hz
  • Dimension / W130×H120×D250mm
  • Power consumption / 10W
  • Weight / 2.4kg
  • Made in Japan

TU-882AS Stereo Vacuum Tube 5670(W) X 2 Headphone Amplifier

Everyone can enjoy assembling this PCB assembled kit with ease —soldering is not required!

TU-882AS - Step by Step Assembly Guide

Necessary Tools
- Long nose pliers
- Screw driver ( No.2)
- Scissors

You will find it unnecessary to solder this TU882AS kit. It's a PCB assembled kit.

Connect one side of the jumper cable to the main board (PCB-A connector)

With the one side still connected to the main board (PCB-A), horizontally connect the other side of the jumper cable to the inside of the Headphone Jack plug (PCB-C connector).

Install a hex-head spacer to the main chassis.

Install the main board (PCB-A) to the main chassis

Now place the power supply unit (PCB-D) on the outside top part of the chassis. Attach the four connectors from the main board (PCB-A) to the power supply unit (PCB-D).

Place the transformer cover on top of the power supply unit.

Install the four insulators to the bottom of the chassis.

Install the front panel and volume knob.

Insert the vacuum tube 5670(W) into the socket.

Install the protector for the vacuum tube.

You are now complete.

Now, plug your favorite headphones into the amplifier and enjoy the excellent sound produced by the vacuum tube amplifier.
Thanks Home page

All photos, are copyright of EK Japan co., Ltd
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Looks Good!
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Clean looking little headphone amplifier.
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This looks like a very nice amp and easy to put together. A couple of questions:

1. Can you post a picture showing the connections on the back plate?
2. Do the prices include S&H?
3. Do not see a gain switch, so are the three 1/8" jacks set for low, med, and high?
4. What is the gain set for the 1/4" jack?
5. Are the tube on the gain stage or on the amp stage?

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This looks like a very nice amp and easy to put together. A couple of questions:

It not only looks good, but it sounds pretty good too!
1. Can you post a picture showing the connections on the back plate?
Yes, I will post this later today

2. Do the prices include S&H?
Yes 48 States only.

3. Do not see a gain switch, so are the three 1/8" jacks set for low, med, and high?
Please refer to the following thread.

4. What is the gain set for the 1/4" jack?
The 3 stage output impedance (low,mid high) can be selected on the back of the headphone amp.

5. Are the tube on the gain stage or on the amp stage?
5670W or 396A is a Dual Triode Tube --> 1/2 gain stage , 1/2 amp stage

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Thanks for answering all the questions Victor.
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TU-882AS an Example of Connection

Here is an example of connection

- Power switch
- Volume
- Priority input terminal (3.5mm Mini Jack)
- Headphone terminal 4~20 Ω (Mini Jack)
- Headphone terminal 20~100 Ω (Mini Jack)
- Standard headphone terminal ( the 3 stage output impedance (low, mid, high) can be selected with
the switch on the back of the headphone amp.

- Input RCA Jack
- Loop through output
- Impedance switch is excusively used for the Front Standard Headphone Jack.
LOW 4~20Ω
MID 20~100Ω
HIGH 100~1KΩ

Have Fun!
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about the Elekit headphone Amp

Hi VK,
I heard from my friends about your Elekit headphone. They are all surprised by its quality and price. Could you tell me is there any entry models for me. I am new to Hi-Fi and hope to replace my existing one but unfortunately my budget is fairly limited.

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TU-870R will fit your budget
Here is the wonderful review from audioasylum.

Amp/Preamp Asylum: RE: (strong)REVIEW: Elekit TU-873LE II Amplifier (Tube)(/strong) by geraldm121
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pm sent

pm sent
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I am still very intrigued by this headphone amp. Perhaps in the future when I get some cash I will be able to try it. It sure looks pretty and well made.
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Indeed, TU-882 is a very good quality and sound Headamp!!
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interesting. How exactly do we order this?
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Very sexy little gear
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Here is the 1st geneartion of Elekit Headphone TG 5882

Link to TG 5882

The new version is TU-882. This is the 3rd generation of Elekit Tube Head Amp and of course, TU-882 will sound better than TG5882.
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