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Originally Posted by endless402 View Post
really? i went from PBJ to SS and found that I lost a bit of the bottom end but in return got a slightly brighter top end and more depth/detail

this is also with my speaker system.
which did u prefer?

when u say ss u mean silver streak right?

im worried the silver streak may sound thin or its bright highs may hurt ears
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The silver plating wouldn't change the wire's resistance to any degree. Resistance would change by a far greater degree just due to manufacturing tolerances.

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Originally Posted by RockinCannoisseur View Post
this is a good question and deserves resurrection
Covered in

in short no ! no real difference found between silver, spc and copper
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How about cheap silver plated copper?
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Ben from the Polk forums used to make them. He has since stopped making them due to health issues. Back in 2007, I was able to get 2 two footers from him for $45 shipped for being a fellow Polkie. As soon as they came in, I did an A/B test back to back with my Monoprice Premium RCAs. The difference in sound was tremendous. The Silver ICs had a much wider soundstage, more detail, and better highs. Bass was faster and less muddy. I wasn't a believer until I heard silver for myself. Since then, I've ordered two sets from him for a friend and he quickly agreed with me and became a believer as well.

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