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Home Grown Cmoy

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This is my first scratch-built amp! I built it on RatShack perfboard and mounted it in a Hammond translucent box.

Caps, resistors, TLE2426, OPA2132 - all form Digikey
Jacks, switch, LED, box from Mouser
Volume pot from CE Hansen
Knob from garage sale radio
Coffee mug from Danny

I drew this thing in cad and fiddled with it for 2 weeks before soldering in the first part!

Next up: An Apheard '47' with RN60's, Wima's, and some big 'ol Cerafines! Stay Tuned!

Here's the Drawing!

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what a beauty!!!!

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i thought this looked familiar. saw it on the Headwize boards.

Thanks for posting the drawings on that board. you might want to put them here too, as some people may only be surfing one board.

the drawing in itself is a real work of art, and funky too! love the font.

keep up the good work, and make sure you post pics if you paint the enclosure!
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[quote]you might want to put them here too,[/qoute]

It Is! Click on 'Here's the Drawing!' I should have made the link more obvious.

the drawing in itself is a real work of art, and funky too! love the font
I'm a bit of a font slut - I love 'em!

paint the enclosure
Are you insane?! I LIKE seeing everything inside!

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Kind of familiar

Hi Erix

I think the case is kind of familiar to me
So you came up with new model.
Looks Cool!
It's powered by 1 9V?
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Hi kajohndet,

There is a family resemblance...

This one is the smallest of the three sizes of those boxes. It is about 1"x2"x4".

There is only room for one battery in it and no power jack!

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i didnt see the link to the drawing. my bad.

i get all confused when i surf both forums at once, i always think links are highlighted in some other color.

as to painting, i thought you mentioned that you were going to paint it primer black???
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What a heck with the knobs of the lilac back there
What did you do to it?
Why don't you post what you made for me? I think it's also cool!
I really enjoy with it.
Thanx again

What's the gain of this new amp?
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Very nice erix. I like your neatness. I especially like the translucent box. That amp would appeal to Apple owners. Btw, what's that white box with the two egg shaped things on it?
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Funky Lilac Amp

That thing in the back is my first amp which can be seen HERE. This is it's original configuration.

Then I bought some funky 50's style dash knobs from an old time speed shop in Southern Cal so I put them on. It looks cool and makes me smile every time I turn the knobs.

Now it's apart. I'm changing a few things internally and I'm repainting the box in a fifties custom car motif - satin black with scallops that fade from dark purple to lilac and edged with light green.

Of course there will be pictures of that!

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The lilac amp is cherry! What kind of case is that?
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It's a Hammond diecast aluminum box.

Typically used as enclosures for guitar effect (stompboxes) I love these things.

Excellent sheilding - the lilac amp sits right next to my monitor and is DEAD silent.

Read more about them HERE

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