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If you had $5000 to spend on a DAC what would you buy? - Page 2

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Majik DS + my 1TB network storage unit.
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probably the chord dac64, just cause i always wanted to own it
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I agree with anything from EMM labs. I also like the Modwright modified Transporter.
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Y'know. I thought about this a bit more seriously, because in this context, I really am hitting well outside my experience area, as I suspect are most others.

I'd keep my DAS-R1, buy a Quad CDP-2 and a Northstar, spend a lot of time with the three. Decide my favourite, recoup from the losing two, and put down for a KGBHSE! XD
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MBL 1511F is what I'd recommend.

AudiogoN ForSale: MBL 1511F

Unbenanntes Dokument

Of course, you would need the 1521A as well:

AudiogoN ForSale: MBL 1521a

Unbenanntes Dokument

Or just get the on box solution, the MBL 1531, and be done with it:

AudiogoN ForSale: MBL 1531 Current

MBL - Exclusive HI-FI Komponenten - High End Audio

Note that I obviously have an MBL bias, although just as a customer and nothing more.
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Thanks for all of the replies. This is going to be more difficult then I thought lol. Do can jams, like the one in CA this May, usually have a variety of high end dacs to listen to?
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If you have any construction/soldering skills, an Audionote kit DAC would be really hard to beat. A friend put together the top-of-the-line kit DAC, including all of the upgrades for parts, digital board, and upgraded output transformers. I believe, with all of the upgrades it is still well under $5,000.

The DAC sounds terrific in his system.
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It all depends on what you're looking for. If it's ultimate detail, resolution, air and what makes nowadays high end what it is, then EMM Labs, DCS and Esoteric are probably the way to go.

If you're looking for other attributes, perhaps things that make music alive and natural, maybe other options are more interesting like the already proposed Lavry Gold, Berkeley or some vintage options like the own Pacific Microsonics DAC or a Museatex Bidat. However not sure any of these fit into your budget.
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Upcoming Ayre QB-9 USB dac for computer playback, and the new Sony SCD-XA5400ES for discs.

That should still leave ~ $1500 for hookers and blow.
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47 labs 4705 progression dac w/ 4799 power dumpty $4500 retail.
big brother to my shigaraki dac which can also be upgraded via power dumpty.
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A Stax DAC-X1t would be awesome!
If its possible to hunt one down, as I think they are quite rare..

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I don't know what headphones you have but if I had $5000 to spend:

Red Wine Audio Isabellina - $2500
Beta22 - $1800-2500 (depending on builder and configuration)
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QBD76 or Sony DAS-R1
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Apparently Nakamichi Dragon DACs + CD transport have been going for as little as $2000 on Yahoo Auctions in Japan recently.
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I don't think I've heard anyone say they can better Prism Audio converters. Used mainly for mastering/tracking purposes, most of their products are almost double $5000 except for the Orpheus:

Orpheus Recording Interface Home Page

At $5,000 it uses the same converters as their other units (Dream DA etc.). Of course it does a lot more than just D/A conversion but I doubt you could do better for that price.

I believe someone on head-fi has one (can't remember who though sorry).
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