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Originally Posted by Jimber_Jam View Post
Ah, well on newegg.com, the STX ($199) is only $20 more than the D2, and the same price as the D2X. Is there someplace I could get it for less?

EDIT: Excluding a $35 mail-in-rebate on the D2.
whoa, didn't know the STX got a bit cheaper and had expected the D2 to drop in price more over the last year

either way, its $20 saved ($55 with rebate), so why not?
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I think you pretty much have the best rig on your budget "as is". I'm going to try some Fostex headphones just to get a taste of the "Ortho" feel but they're only 80.00 US so I can't really go wrong
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At this point I can't decide if I want to go with the original setup I had planned, or if I want to simply get the Asus Xonar Essence STX (yes, it's more expensive, but I like that it has analog out, and it has better reviews than the D2/X on newegg) and forgo the amp completely for now. Granted, the new SC option would be considerably cheaper, but....tubes! Also, the first option would get me a better DAC straight away, and I'm sure I really don't need an amp at this point, but...tubes!

This really would be a lot easier if I could hear both setups before buying anything....sigh.
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