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*Confirmed* Grado PS1000 is coming!

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I actually mentioned this in another thread but I am curious if anyone else has heard anything about this. I met someone who knows John Grado and he mentioned that there is going to be a new flagship phone being called the PS-1000 and that it would retail at 1700. At the moment, I don't know if this is true but would like to hear from others that may be able to confirm this, i.e. dealers.

Okay, clarification may be needed I guess. Post only if you can confirm this, if not, we can let the thread die. Thanks all


This is the information we have gathered so far, some official, straight from Gradolabs.com and others are from secondary sources, i.e. dealers.

First the things we know-
•A new flagship can is being released by Grado being called the PS1000.

• Cost is $1695
•It will be a hybrid. The exterior housing is metal but the interior housing is wood.

• Pre-Orders are being accepted by Todd -TTVJ

•The entire Grado line has been changed and “i =improved ”
•The Wooden Grado Box is returning at the cost of $75 + shipping.

Images courtesy of Gradolabs.com

Tentative information-

oThey will be hitting the shelves (read as - carefully locked away in display cases) starting March 1, 2009.

Review from Gradolabs.com - Zanth from Head-fi

Never one to stop innovating, Grado has set out to create a new flagship and it is these new headphones, the PS1000's, as I hear it, are the very best headphone Grado Labs has ever produced...................


The PS1000's are finally, (and for those that upgrade often or think the grass is always greener, they know what I mean by finally), finally, the first set of headphones that would motivate me to sell all the rest, because these PS1000s do it all and do it as flawlessly as I've yet experienced. They give me everything that I've been searching for in headphones and do it in such a way that I can honestly say I'm not hoping for anything more. If more can ever be given, GREAT! But I've stopped looking. I've stopped thinking that a single phone can't do it all. Hyperbole be damned, this phone had me at hello.

Please visit http://www.gradolabs.com for the full review.
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*Citation Needed*
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Oh ****, this is the kind of thread that could start a full blown riot

Originally Posted by Brighten View Post
Not too crazy really. Look at top of the line can prices.
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Sorry guys, just wanted to know. If I'm alone on this, it would be safe to say this is only a rumor.

Maybe I can ask for a threadlock before things get ugly then.
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Didn't you post the same rumor in Todd's thread? Duggeh's right.

This is going to be a long week.
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Timing is everything, just saw your reply. It may be a good idea to lock this one before it spins too far out of control.
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It may be a good idea to lock this one before it spins too far out of control.
What, and ruin our weekend fun.
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...perhaps Stax has something up their sleeve too ...
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Originally Posted by Lornecherry View Post
...perhaps Stax has something up their sleeve too ...
Now that would be something
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Poor HD 800, again 60% of MSRP only...
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If people are prepared to pay $1700 a pop for a top notch headphone, maybe I ought to push forward faster with my AMT design...

(they dont look like that anymore)
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It's true.
PS1000 will be released from March 1.
Reatil price is $1695.00
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Seriously? wow! I'd like to see it.
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You guys are in lack of information.
It is true.. I was just talking with this in other forum.
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