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Just remember you get what you pay for.  Alien ears sucks.  Poor service, no response.  yeah maybe before you buy, but you'll never hear from him again once he has your money.  I have been waiting over a month now just for a replacement cord.  Go somewhere else, trust me!

Alien Ears does have truly poor customer service.  Yolanda just keeps apologizing and Andre just keeps saying I didn't place a rush order.  Almost 8 weeks later and I STILL don't have the IEMs.  You would do well to stay away from Alien Ears!  You really would.

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I must agree Alien ears SUCK! My old Shure E1 single drivers IEMs converted with Sensaphonic inserts Blow these away. sound quality and fit were horrible.I purchased the tri-fi 3 drivers ( 1 high1 mid 1 bass) Used an audioligist to do impressions twice with refits from Alien ears. I dont think they know how to tune them or set up crossovers. Anyway it took 4 months to get some not all of my money back! dont use them !!angry_face.gif

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I have been waiting 8 weeks in a 3 week process for my alien ears.  Worst service I have ever recieved in all my years in ordering online.  At this point I have been asking for refund for a week with no return calls.  I told them that if they dont refund me soon I will have to take legal action.....  Dont buy alien ears if you are a proffesional.........   Because they clearly are not....  There are many other options to explore!!! 




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Well ****! lol I just order the G16's... I hope I dont have any problems with mine.. Ill be road tripping to Orlando, Fl..  I hear they sound really great.. I guess we will see..

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