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Livewires of Alien Ears?

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So, I'm thinking about trying to get some custom molds. I've been looking at two brands: alien ears/hearyourself and livewires. I guess the major difference I've been taking note of is that live wires have two drivers or dual armature I think it's called. Alien ears have the option to get only a single driver. Also, the livewires come standard with detachable cables. I'm really leaning toward a base model livewire, but the alien ears have the price thing going for them at $150 base price. I've already decided how to do the impressions. My aunt works at an audiologist's office, so I think she can get me in for little to no cost. So, head-fi input is the next step. If a few owners could let me know what they think it would be great. I know there are a few livewire/custom mold threads, but I really wanted a fresh look on this.

post #2 of 19 Ears. More color choices, more driver choices, free shipping, free impression kit.Availl. custom artwork (pretty Cheap) And the H/Y C-series has detachable cables that are interchangeable with both Westone and Ultimate Ears. so there are even more cable choices there.
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I guess what I'm wondering is, single driver or dual driver? I think if I go with alien ears, I'll go fixed cable. Single driver is $150 before shipping. That seems like a really good price for a custom molded iem, but if I should go dual driver then I'll just wait and save.
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Dual driver at least. I got my son a pair of AE1's and although they don't fit me, What I did hear was not nearly as good as my C-3's.
Save longer and get triple driver C-3's and then spend 36.00 US (free shipping)for a cable from Ultimate Ears. It may sound silly, but I feel it's much warmer and gives a wider soundstage than the stock H/Y cables
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Ok, so I've decided on dual drivers then. When I do this thing, I guess I'll with the H/Y since they have the interchangeable cables. But the livewires are a little bit cheaper than the dual driver version of the H/Y with detachable cables. At that pricepoint I'm tempted to go with the livewires. The only downside is replaceable cables, not necessarily interchangeable cables.
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Hey everybody. I am looking to upgrade to custom IEMs from Shure E2C's and Shure SRH840's. My budget is very limited, so the DIY-impressions kit from Alien Ears is VERY appealing (my first customs). But, are there any other entry-level customs I should be considering? I think that since Fidelity (previously Livewires, right?) starts higher and doesn't include the impressions kit that pretty much rules them out. Any thoughts?
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Build qualitiy is horrible and don't take the dual driver AE, they don't sound that good IMO
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I have had both the Alien HearYourself Triple Driver and the Livewires 3, in that order.

I personally vote for the Livewires! When I first put put the Alien Triple Drivers into my ears, I was really disappointed. The sound was boomy and muddy. And two months later, the faceplate broke. Yeah it came off. And that's the end my story with hearyourself.

Then I got myself the Livewires 3. The build is really good. And livewires do have interchangeable wires as well. The duration between the last time I heard my Aliens and the first time I heard my Livewires is about 7 months.. So take my opinion on the sound with a pinch of salt. The first time I heard the Livewires, it sounded good. But it didn't WOW me. I was kinda expecting to be in awe after listening to it. But I wasnt. But as time grew, I realised that the Livewires do have alot of potential, they are as what the reviews put them to be - pretty neutral.

I would go with the Livewires over Aliens.. However the Aliens do come with Artwork but the Livewires don't. And the Livewires have their cable in the centre and not coming out from the top. I don't like this design as I find it almost impossible to sleep on my side with the livewires as the livewires are no longer flushed with my ears but have the connector kinda 'popping' out.

So yup, that's my two cents.
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Originally Posted by drmz4life View Post
The drmearz drm-1 is only rated down 30Hz, but does it really matter if an IEM driver is rated lower? It is proven that the human ear only hears down to approx 50Hz so anything under that is virtually useless.
You = 100% wrong. 15Hz-20Hz is typical, buddy.
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Hey everybody, 

I am a musician who is new to all of this IEM stuff. 

I was looking at the shure scl5s for a while but i decided not to get those because they were a bit too expensive for me, I also looked at the Sennheiser IE7 and IE8, and recomendations on how those are?

Also, I just started looking at Alien Ears... are they hard shell or a gummy like texture? And are the c1000 pros any good? Because I'm not looking for AMAZING sound quality but if it had exceptional quality that would be nice, AND... do they isolate enough for on stage performances? 

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If you're going to perform on stage with them, I would advise you get customs, as they have superior isolation vs universal.

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ok, well do the alien ears sound good at all?

and i also heard that fidelity's were good, do they have good sound quality?

Better yet, Which IEM's would you recommend for me that are over 270?

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also, I'm a complete noob to the IEM thing so i don't want to spend too much on customs. Also my band doesn't play that often and when we do they're not that big of venues. I really just want to experience it before i invest in something big.

I'm thinking of getting the Westone UM1's and maybe getting custom molds that fit onto those later...?

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Originally Posted by Nyan View Post

also, I'm a complete noob to the IEM thing so i don't want to spend too much on customs. Also my band doesn't play that often and when we do they're not that big of venues. I really just want to experience it before i invest in something big.

I'm thinking of getting the Westone UM1's and maybe getting custom molds that fit onto those later...?

Take my advice and don't go the earbud route. Go straight for the customs. Its never the same when you get sleeves to turn your buds in to customs. Besides that why spend the money for the buds and turn around and spend more money having custom sleeves made for them? In alot of cases ear buds can be more expensive than custom fitted iems and are no comparison to the sound quality and isolation you can only get with customs. If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to some of the ridiculous prices out there check out I bought a pair myself and did a review on here in a different thread so check it out. If you get some you will probably never want to purchase another pair from anywhere else . They are at  also if you want to check that out too. I had a very good buying experience with drm earz and am happy to help spread the word for them...... Murdock the Drummer


Heres that review on drm earz:

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Just remember you get what you pay for.  Alien ears sucks.  Poor service, no response.  yeah maybe before you buy, but you'll never hear from him again once he has your money.  I have been waiting over a month now just for a replacement cord.  Go somewhere else, trust me!

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