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How are you liking the bulldog?
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I'm still breaking it in but so far its my favorite, the bowl stays very cool.
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Cool. That's definitely my next pipe!
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Nice, just be aware that it probably won't be as clenchable as the one in your pic.. it's pretty chunky and weighs around 2.6oz.
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Originally Posted by Old Pa View Post
Over the years, we have had several discussions of pipe and pipe smoking in the Members' Lounge. It is clear we have some pipe-philes who know and love their pipes and tobacco.

This morning's WSJ has an article on the surge in pipe smoking on American campuses dispite the universal global repression of the tobacco nazis. I started smoking pipes in college thirty-eight years ago.

A good pipe, some tasty tobacco, a good book, a couple of friendly spaniels snugged up, and some fine music continue to be my evening companions of choice. Pipes, pipe tobacco, and pipe collecting have led me many interesting places and introduced me to several life-long friends.

Below is a shot of the mantle behind my desk with part of my collection.

So sound off, and let's see yours!
Actually I haven't seen anyone smoking a pipe on my campus (besides my self) outside of the older gents.

Right now my collection consists of a simple corn-cob pipe and a Mario Grandi I got off ebay. The Mario Grandi pipes are really great values in case anyone is interested.

By chance, does anyone have a recommendation for an aromatic? I like to be an accommodating pipe-smoker in social situations.
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See if you can find you an old blend named "Red Cake". Tasty and smells good.
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The best pipe I've ever smoked was of the unvarnished corncob type. But, then again, I am only 18 so that statement should be taken with the knowledge that I don't know diddly-dick!
P.S. Peter Stokkebye is the man
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lol, my grandfa would really love this thread.
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OK - a few pictures of my most belowed pipes:

Savinelli - from 2005. Very comfortable and light. I use it in the forrest for walks in the nature. My outdoor pipe.

Handmade by Danish pipemaker Ole Stonor. The Briar is more than 200 years old!!

Also handmade by pipemaker Ole Stonor. Briar older than 150 years. Very heavy - but fantastic smoking abilities. Only for indoor sitting down smoking.

Nørding Hunting Pipe from 2002 - very handy and comfortable a true beauty.
About Nørding:
SMOKESHOP 04/08 - Erik Nording: The Pipe Man from Slangerup

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I did also cut my own pipes a few years back. They were all given away as gifts. But THAT is a real timeconsuming but very rewarding hobby.

And for the record - this is one of my favourite tobaccos. No taste-substances added to sweeten the aroma or taste - only the pure ripe Virginia.

I also enjoy a good Latakia tobacco once in a while and Rattreys No7 is great for that.
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Beautiful briars, rasmushorn, and thanks for the tobacco suggestions. Have to see if Rattreys is distributed on this side of the pond. Nothing like a morning pipe in the woods!
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Nice to see some pipe lovers around!
Here's my pipes:




Sara Eltang

Mark Tinsky
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Hi Vitor - beautifull pipes. I have always admired the pipes from TOM ELTANG. The SARA ELTANG pipes are as far as I understand factory made - am I right?

I found this picture - a true beauty:
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I was at the webpage of Tom Eltang and found these. Look at the briar!!!! Absolutely worldclass pipes. I bet you will not find many headphones in the same priceclass of these pipes.

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Absolutely wonderful pipes!
Tom Eltang is a world class pipe maker, i love the nordic school, (if we might say that)
I bought the Sara from Scandpipes.com, Per Billhäll is a very nice guy to deal with, highly recommended, as well as Robert Cooper at eBay My World - coopersark.
I really don't know if the Sara line is factory made, but i really don't care, it's a great smoker (smoking right now on it), and very beautiful.

Well talking about pricey pipes, have you seen the prices of some Bo Nordh's?
Last one who caught my attention was sold for 7.000$!!
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