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Yeah but we KNOW they were not made in 2011, or any time past the mid 1980's.

I know we debated a while back as to whether TFKN ever made a 6080 but I'm sorry I don't recall the conclusion.
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I don't know who made the tube, but the code 20121 (not 2011) suggests that it wasn't Telefunken. The code was longer on tubes made by Telefunken, and started with U (Ulm) or B (Berlin). Tubes sourced from other manufacturers carried this shorter code. It's a date code, by the way, in this case 02 Nov ?2, perhaps 72.

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Even so that code just looks strange for a Telefunken tube. Found something closer with an answer with another Ebay post.





P.S. My guess it is a GE  tube due to the boxy top with a "Lid" partly open


I got a bunch of those GE tubes at a much lower price. Not a bad sounding tube for the money.

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The dot pattern screams GE.


The code is perfectly fine for a Telefunken-branded tube not made by Telefunken.

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It is absolutely a GE tube. If you look at the other pictures on my other Ebay post you can see the GE dots.

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Thanks guys! I was pretty sure they were American-made and John's link confirms it. :)

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