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Originally Posted by gibosi View Post

It is useful to know that the valve pictured on the bottlehead site was manufactured by GEC, and that Mullard made a different version. I have seen a number of Mullard-branded 6080's and wondered why they were different....


For example:




Yep, that's a late-vintage tall-bottle Mullard 6080.



The early-vintage ones are more compact.


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Originally Posted by JamieMcC View Post


its a MOV made Valvo / GEC. I had a Valvo 6080 so dug it out and its identical, plates getters base all exactly the same the Valvo also has the MOV Z factory marking as well as the BWB Eagle mark.




It's kind of surprising to see GECs branded as Valvo when Valvo and Mullard were both Philips companies. You never know till you know. :regular_smile :

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It's my understanding that Valvo was just an importer, and weren't restricted to a subset of manufacturers. 

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Valvo was Philips Germany, so to speak, and they also made tubes in Hamburg. On the other hand, rebranding was common in the tube business.

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Valvo made tubes for Wehrmacht during WWII

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Valvo joined the Philips group in 1927, originally they manufactured only tubes but diversified into all kinds of electronics components. They were the largest in Germany at a given time, really took off after WW2 but things went south with the shift to Japan in the 1970-1980's and eventually the name disappeared. I guess there was a major exchange of technology/rebranding going on between various companies whoo were part of Philips. Nice 6080 but nothing really special about it imho.
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I found this Chatham 6AS7G is this really a Chatham?It's difficult if you don't know how to identify a tube(That is me) that is why i need you guys opinion.Thank You!

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Yup, those are Chatham.
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Yup, those are Chatham.

Good to know THANK YOU! I bought a pair of Sylvania 6080WB one have all faded markings on glass(the markings does not come off that easy) and the base the other one have faded markings on the base the same with the first tube but  on the glass it looks new to me so as soon as i touch the markings on the glass it came off that tells me that i may have got ripoff for these pair.The seller offered a matching service for free i think usually they will charge for this kind on ripoff service.This is the reason i asked before i get ripoff again. Thank You!  

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I will freely admit to getting abuzz from finding a nice sounding 50-60 year old vintage tube is quiet neat imho that some of these delicate old glass tubes even still survive let alone still work and more often than not sound wonderful as well!

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Well, they're pretty inert when stored in dry conditions.  Army depots are perfect :-)  What fascinates me is that there are a couple of companies who -for some specific tube types, not the 6AS7 or 6080 as there are oceans of those available- are actually starting to build them again using modern techniques and standards.  I'm not talking about the cheap Chinese bulb pressers either but about outfits like Emission Labs, KR Audio etc.


I've got my eyes set on Elrog from Germany, they use cutting edge technology to produce new tubes, only a couple of models now but I had the occasion to actually hear one of their 211 monsters and it takes something to drive (and costs an arm and a leg) but sounds truly exceptional, see here:


http://vinylsavor.blogspot.in/2013/05/elrog-211-and-845-tubes-now-available.html  (check the designs on the site, btw)


They'll be releasing a 300B this fall, based on my 211 experience I definitely want to hear that one and see its output on a scope and frequency analyser.  Then I'm going to build the highest specced tube amp I can afford for it and get a pair.

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Has anyone tried SVETLANA?
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Have you read anything at all? wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

Have you read anything at all? wink.gif


Most of the java related button on my browser at work don't do anything at all when clicked. Especially the search this thread button :/
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