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Yeah if u put the tube in the wrong orientation you can break the tube or damage the amp. Just make sure u align everything properly
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Not going to take a chance then, will scrap it.
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Look at the picture, you have the broken section slice.

You can see the pin's guide. Make it match to your amp's socket, it's just a child play.

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Make a mark on the side of the tube base aligned with the  broken Tab then each time you insert that tube just aligned the mark on the socket slot.Sorry for stealing your photo.

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Those GEC 6080's are nice sounding tubes :( I prefer them and the Mullard 6080 over the more expensive Bendix graphite plates.


Something I have noticed is that a few of my Mullard 6080's are flashers but not all.

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Originally Posted by punit View Post

Not going to take a chance then, will scrap it.


If you really think you should scrap it, send it to me!  :)


Or better yet, put it on eBay.... Even with a broken guide pin, there are any number of people, such as myself, who would be happy to bid on it.


But really, keep it. As i luvmusic 2 points out, instead of aligning it by feel, you now need to align it by sight. Put a dot of fingernail polish on the side of the tube indicating the orientation of the guide pin and a corresponding dot on the socket. And then it is simple matter to line up the dots. :)


Cheers :) 

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+1 on the marking...except if you know that you're easily distracted, then I wouldn't  take the risk because at best you'd fry the tube, at worst it could take a section of the amp/your headphones/speakers with it.  No tube's worth taking that kind of risk.

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It may not be all that dangerous, but someone with more knowledge and experience then I should weigh in here...  


My experience is with drivers, the ECC40, a rimlock 8-pin all-glass miniature, which Philips introduced to replace the 6SNS7, and the 2C51, a 9-pin all-glass miniature. As the pins are equidistant on the ECC40, similar to the 6SN7, it is necessary to align it to the adapter by lining up a little bump in the side of tube. On more than one occasion I have inserted it wrong. No sound, but nothing bad. Reinserting correctly, and it's fine. The adapter for the 2C51 has one of the pins cut off. And again, I have inserted it wrong more than once. And again, nothing bad.


Oh, I should add that I am using a hybrid, so no power tubes, and therefore, my experience may or may not be useful in this case.... 

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As other have said 6080 with missing pin is still very desirable, especially if a GEC! I use a RCA I have with missing pin in a 'Leak amp' and has been going 20 years now :) Just aling on the notch and enjoy the GEC.

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Than you all for the feedback. My only fear is that I tube roll a lot , so just have the fear that during my daily plugging & unplugging of tubes if  I plug in the GEC incorrectly aligned then I may do permanent damage to my amp or HP.


Have any of you plugged in a power tube incorrectly aligned & did your amp / HP live to tell the tale ?

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Impossible to accurately predict what will happen, depends too much on the type of tube and the amp.  Best case:  nothing.  Realistically:  the heater filament of the 6080 works on 6.3 V and is connected via pins 7 and 8 I believe.  The tube itself operates at about 135V so if you'd put that on the heater (if possible, you'd have to take a detailed look at the wiring) it would result in an instant kill but you'd have to look at it in detail to know exactly what/if anything is likely to happen with the amp and the rest of the chain.  The 6080 is a relatively 'benign' case, some tubes run at 450, 500.....up to 900 V or more.  It's not a good idea to operate equipment of which you know one of the safety factors has been rendered inoperable, they're there for a reason.

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If you are really worried about accidently inserting it wrongly how about picking up a cheap tube saver you would only need to insert the tube once into it and from then on you will be using the tube savers guide. 

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Great Idea Jamie, Thanks. A Head-Fi member who is an expert in building tube amps has offered to install a new guide pin & I shall be sending the tube to him.

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You only have to determine where the index tab on the missing guide pin was once.  When you're sure you have it right use a red sharpie to draw an index mark on the base so it's easier to insert correctly from then on.

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