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rofl china have fakes for all the earphones now xD

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I just got my IE8 from and I took some pictures. I wonder if they are genuine. sorry for my bad iphone 4 camera





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I was considering buying a pair of these, until a deal seemed too good to be true. It seems that there are so many fake versions of these nowadays that I'd be suprised if there was a real set for less than retail price - The only two places I'd trust buying these from now are Amazon or the official Sennheiser website. frown.gif

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@Butter123 - Can you see the red chip wire in the right see-through part of the iem? (hard to tell from the pictures)

I think the the easiest way of telling if they are fake or not is the sound - Do they sound fake? Is the sound impressive or just..meh?

With the quality of the copying by Asian manufacturers etc it's hard to tell the difference without hearing the real deal frown.gif

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yes, it is red around the solder joint where the rubber and the connector joint meets in the right ear connector, well, as for the sound, I haven't burn them in yet. Overall its sound pretty good, but not impressed because I have other high end earphones. The reason why I am asking you guys is because the genuine "R" is suppose to be angled, is my "R" angled enough to be the real deal? As for the soundstage, is around 20% better than my Superfi 5. But not nearly as good as the IE7 or the TF10. Still burning them. As for the bass, at the lowest setting, it seems to have less punch than the IE7 and TF10, but is very detailed and defined. Hopefully I got a deal on this because I only pay $180 for them.

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I will get back on you guys once the burn in is done. As of now, they seems to be the real deal from $180 shipped IE8 is almost a steal imo.

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Can't you just email Sennheiser your serial # and ask them if they are genuine?  

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Originally Posted by mahc1234 View Post

rofl china have fakes for all the earphones now xD

not armature based drivers. 

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I honestly thought mine were fake, until I burned them in a few days.  What a difference.  But seriously, out of the box, they sounded like marshmallows were on each end.

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I purchased my IE8s from Minidisc and they're about 1 year and 6 months old now. I recently noticed that some signs of age are showing.

1) That "grainy" coating on the IE8 has wore off on the corner.
2) The plug's silver coating has wore off to reveal a copper (?) colour.

Is this normal for real IE8s?

(Plug losing silver coating)

(Both corners have lost that grainy glittery coating)

(Are the letters "slanted" correctly?)

(Picture of the box)

(Overly polished?)




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Lol at Riemann sums above^ doing the same in school right now. 

BUT, more importantly, I also need to know about a pair of IE8's I've spotted. The person is selling for 180$ canadian, slightly used, so it is a very realistic price. I will meet him in person so that helps things a bit. He sent me some pictures, but they are not very clear to me and was wondering if someone here can help me judge if it's in fact legit or not.

Kiiji Sennheiser IE 8 earphones.jpgSennheiser IE 8 earphones.jpgKijiji Sennhiser IE 8 earphones.jpg

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There's a pair of these going for $76 on ebay right now.
Am I correct in assuming this is one of those to good to be true moments?

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Help...... can somebody tell me is this IE80 real/fake staying in singapore normal Retail Price is around 490-590 But this guy is selling at 220 Link Here
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