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Where are your top ten artists/bands from? - Page 3

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As of now, I listen to:

Radiohead - UK
Muse - UK
Death Cab For Cutie - US
Eric Clapton - UK/US?
Feist - Canada
Jeff Buckley - US
Nine Inch Nails - US
Nell - Korean
Queens of the Stone Age - US
Ray LaMontagne - US
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Elvis Costello (UK)
Tom Waits (USA)
Bob Dylan (USA)
Nick Cave (AUS)
Aesop Rock (USA)
Pharoahe Monch (USA)
Blackalicious (USA)
Cee-Lo (USA)
Neil Young (CAN)
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The vast majority of my favourite artists are from the UK. Them Brits make good rock n roll.
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1) The Cure (U.K)
2) Depeche Mode (U.K)
3) Smashing Pumpkins (USA)
4) Marilyn Manson (USA)
5) dredg (USA)
6) Kill Hannah (USA)
7) Mew (Denmark)
8) Nobuo Uematsu (Japan)
9) R.E.M (USA)
10) Radiohead (U.K)

If you go by this list...I mainly lean American. HOWEVER, if you expanded this list to my top 20 artists, you would see bands like Oasis and Morrisey show up on the list and I think you would see a greater balance. So...I'm not sure how significant this top ten list thing is...especially on Head-Fi where a ton of us have hundreds of artists in our library.
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nightwish - kitee, finland

then an enormously large gap..

and in no order....
muse - UK
tiesto - netherlands
within temptation - netherlands

the music - UK
the killers - US [quite fond of them for some reason]
Luca Turilli - italy
in flames - sweeden
theres no real point in picking anymore, or even some of the above 4, these change like the weather

i have left the classical composers like handel, bach, out of the mix

i dont really listen to many bands/artist or have favourites, beyond nightwish

i like a lot of individual songs, one hit wonders, and just things i hear and think, oh thats good,
i tend to listen by genre, symphonic/power metal, classical, trance/dance
and seeing as i dont like old style rock [beatles etc which seem to be most peoples choices] i have no particular region, so wont vote
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With great groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc. it's hard to beat the Brits.
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Originally Posted by jsaliga View Post
My current top 10:

Miles Davis (US)
Bill Evans (US)
Duke Ellington (US)
Ella Fitzgerald (US)
Frank Sinatra (US)
Anita O'Day (US)
John Coltrane (US)
Dizzy Gillespie (US)
Billie Holiday (US)
Sarah Vaughan (US)

I love rock as well, but I could go through two or three dozen more jazz artists before getting to a single rock artist.

Jerome, if you had to recommend one of Ella Fitzgerald's albums for purchase, which one would it be?

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Ben Folds (US)
R.E.M (US)
The Killers (US)
Foo Fighters (US)
Kings of Leon (US)
Muse (UK)
Depeche Mode (UK)
Wonderstuff (UK)
Iron Maiden (UK)
Daft Punk (France)

I voted UK instantly but after compiling my top ten that's proved not to be the case. There's just too much good music on both sides of the atlantic!
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All my fav artists are form the US. Actually i can give you the city and state of each:
1. Sacramento, California
2. Somewhere in Bay Area, California
3. Sacramento, California
4. Sacramento, California
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England. France.

U.S.A. Italy.

Canada. Germany.

The Netherlands. Scotland.

Greece. Sweden.

Not an entirely top-ten accurate slice, but illustrates a failure to draw consensus with what I listen to.

Bonus points if you could name them all.
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We are the champions - my friends.
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The Beatles (UK)

The Rolling Stones (UK)

The Sex Pistols (UK)

The Clash (UK)

David Bowie (UK)

Black Sabbath (UK)

Led Zeppelin (UK)

Deep Purple (UK)

Pink Floyd (UK)

Those are just a few off the top of my head, nobody can ever touch the UK for music.
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1) Tool - US
2) dredg - US
3) Thrice - US
4) Opeth - Sweden
5) Muse - UK
6) Isis - US
7) Neurosis - US
8) Devin Townsend - Canada
9) The Mars Volta - US
10) Porcupine Tree - UK
11) Radiohead - UK
12) Queens of the Stone Age - US
13) Foo Fighters - US
14) Our Lady Peace - Canada
15) Soundgarden/Audioslave/Chris Cornell - US

US: 9, UK: 3, other: 3

(And yeah I broke the top 10 rule, but I couldn't decide between 8 - 15)
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hmm think im fairly even, but sometimes hard to tell if some bands/artists are american or canadian so im lumping them together
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Mostly from the UK
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