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nokia 5800 xpressmusic sound quality

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I was wondering if anybody knows what the sound quality of the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic is.
How does it sound compared to other cellphones and how does it sound compared to mp3-players?
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I'm interested in this as well. I doubt it sounds as good as even some relatively crappy sounding MP3 players, but something that plays music without noticeable distortion/hiss would be nice.
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well according to gsmarena.com they sound among the best in mobile phones, including the iphone.
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Originally Posted by paulw86 View Post
well according to gsmarena.com they sound among the best in mobile phones, including the iphone.
That's quite impressive.
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i think its not far behind the ipod clarity.. Quite close i'd say.. Its got an 8 band customisable eq with a bass boost option so you can tweak it quite a bit.. Although i feel it reduces the soundstage a small bit even with stereo widening on.. Volume is lower than an ipod.. Maybe 80 or 85% of the ipod max volume.. Gsmarena.com did a freq response study and stuff. Check it out.. They said the quality was the best they've heard from a phone as far as i remember. Its much better than my walkman phone though so i'd say its a good buy but a TOUCH lower soundstage and quality wise compared to a standard mp3 player.
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I have a Nokia 5800. I just listened to it with my IE8s and compared it to my Creative Zen X-fi.

First to ay I am new in this community and I think here are members, who could describe diffrences between these two devices better, because of their experience.

5800: present and nice
X-Fi: not as clear as the 5800

Here the two are similar. I can not hear much diffrence.
The 5800 emphasizes on the mids.

5800: some kind of thin, not good in my opinion
If you like Rap or RnB, you will not like it.
The X-Fi is very bassy.

Overall, the 5800 sound is detailed and more likely cold.
The X-Fi has a warm sound. The 5800 is still the best phone I listened to and I had a lot of music phones. It sounds much better to me than the Ipod Touch 1G, but not as good as the Zen.

Asus A6000>Sansa Fuze>Creative Zen X-Fi>Nokia 5800>Ipod Touch 1G> Archos 605

Ok, I hope I could help. Except of the SQ, this is a nice cell phone. It has a lot of nice functions...
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Wow, that's better than I expected.

@ RAFA: You say you find the 5800 not good in the bass area, but have you tried to play around with the eq?
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Ok, I tried a little around and made the Bass sound better. As I can say, the EQ is good.
It is possible to save more EQ - settings from yourself. In some players you can only save one setting.
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The 5800 is considered by many reviewers to be one the best sounding phones (wrestling that title away from the Nokia N91)...if I'm not mistaken, it has a dedicated audio chip, further separating itself from other music phones.

As soon as a NAM version drops, I'll probably pick one of these up -
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hmmm.. I work with these kind of handsets every day and in my general experience its Sony-Ericssons line of music handsets that have been keeping the top seat. How ever with this new generation of Nokia express MP's they seem to finally getting some where. Most interesting I havn't tried the 5800 yet as the MWC is ongoing and I'm waiting for the companys PR people their to report back on whats good. After all I don't have a unlimited budget to play with.
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Hi, just registered and thought I'd offer my opinion.

I own a 5800 - having previously owned a Cowon CW200, Sony Ericsson W800i, W880i and W910i.

My 'phones are Sennheiser CX300s.

My music is MP3 encoded by Lame (-V4 ~165 kbps).

Firstly, the 'phones supplied with the 5800 are terrible, so I binned them and bought the CX300s.

I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality of the 5800. Compared to my old Cowon and the SE phones, the 5800 sound is punchy and has good clarity. I have the equaliser and all effects (widening etc) turned off.

I recommend you drop into your local shop and try one out - take your usual 'phones with you.

Let me know if you need more info!

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I have a Nokia N96 which supposedly has a 'high-end' dedicated audio chip.

The sound at flat EQ is warm and bassy. I need to use the EQ to emphasize the higher frequencies. I use it with my SE530s which are some of the most sensitive IEMs. Even then there is no hiss whatsoever. I have a iriver ihp120, which hisses quite a lot.

All in all, I love the sound of the N96 excellent detail and lots of punch. I definitely prefer its sound over the ipod classic.

Anyway my point is, if the 5800 is a music phone, I would believe it has more than acceptable 'audiophile' sound quality.
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Just thought I'd mention that I listen to mp3s encoded at 320 kbps. I wish the symbian OS had the ability to play FLAC. I know there is the coreplayer available for symbian which plays FLAC. Anyone have any experience with that?
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samsung i450, i550, inno8, are the best, thank you
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well Samsung inno8 and Nokia 5800 just happen to be on the list on 'phones I'm trying get so I might be able to give an insight in the near future...
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