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bootman, I find the Head makes all my Grados sound brighter, but the 325's and RS-1s more so than the HP-1s. As i said, I'm not sure if there is an emphasis in the higher frequencies, or whether a bass deficiency is the cause of my perception.
Right now, I'm using Ei EL84s and a Dynaco (which I think is made by Telefunken) 12AX7. I've tried a Mullard 12AX7 which does tame the highs a bit but seems to sacrifice a bit in the way of detail. I also have a Mazda Chrome Plate 12AX7 which is way too bright with the Grados. Strange, but I've never listened to the stock tubes..........they're still in the boxes. I guess I should try them, huh?
To be honest, I haven't been doing a heck of a lot of listening with the Head recently..........I'm addicted to the sound of all my Grados with the portable amp that JMT built for me. It's a very balanced sound with no emphasis on any portion of the frequency response........it just let's the Grados do their thing. It is not quite as transparent as the Head or the Creek, but somehow it's more pleasing to my ears.
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Hmmmm. JMT are you still making amps for sale?

I was planning to try the sovtek tubes with the MG head.
anyone out there have tried these? ( I should start a new thread!) BTW what cables are you using? And what is your source? I find it surprising that a tube amp would sound "brighter" than a solid state one!

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bootman, with the Head, I'm using RS gold ICs and a vintage (1986) Magnavox CDP. I also hooked it up to a Sony CDP-C715 with the same results. I tried Straightwire Chorus ICs, but they made the sound brighter still. Don't get me wrong.....the sound out of the Head is wonderful. It's very open, transparent, and detailed............but my ears are telling me that either the bottom end is a tad weak thus making the top end seem elevated, or there is a rise in the high frequency response of the Head ....................it just sounds bright to me. With the Sennheiser HD-600s, this does not seem to be the case. It really opens them up nicely.
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Have you tried some warmer cables like Cardas or Transparents?
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Tubes traditionally tend to be rolled off in the extremes (low bass and high treble) but this is no longer the case with modern tube design (that sounds strange!) I plan to use MIT T2s as ICs with at first a Toshiba DVD (2109) as a source but later getting a Cambridge Soundworks 500SE down the line. I’m sure with some more tube rolling or different ICs you could tame those highs.
Thanks for the info joelongwood!
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KR, no I haven't tried those cables..............yet. I'll most likely start playing around with those next Winter when I'm in the house more. Right now, I'm luvin' this portable set-up I put together because I can, and do, take it everywhere. Right now, I'm sitting about 10 feet from the MG Head, but I have my portable bag, with CDP and amp, perched on the armrest of an easychair, my MS-Pros attached to my ears (I just switched over after about 3 hours of the SR-325s,,,,,,,,it's like a veil has been lifted from the music........VERY different...........much cleaner (more neutral?) sounding) , and my Powerbook on my lap. I'm using rechargables for both the CDP and the amp.......and it sounds GREAT. When I want to grab a smoke (not allowed in the house), I pick up my bag and make for the front porch. When it's time for bed, the bag comes out to the tipi with me. I can't do that with the MG Head. Cold weather is when I'll tweak the system a bit. Thanks for the suggestions.
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After all, its all about the music!!

PS: I might score some cubans later this month! I'll see if the soundstage increases afterwards!
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Bootman, shoot me an e-mail.
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joelongwood, so the MSP is actually even MORE detailed and clearer then the 325s? Is it a lot brighter? Are the 325s warmer? Do the MSPs have that wooden coloration in any way, like the RS-1s have?
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uh oh...vertigo's caught the scent of another potential headphone buy!
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I have the 325s and I'll say this: they have a lot of bass. At times a bit too much for my taste. but when I turn on the corda crossfeed a lot of the awkward boomy stuff you don't notice as much. they are also somewhat bright,you hear those highs. ouch.

but I still love these things to death. very musical and sweet.
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Originally posted by Vertigo-1
[B............ so the MSP is actually even MORE detailed and clearer then the 325s? Is it a lot brighter? Are the 325s warmer? Do the MSPs have that wooden coloration in any way, like the RS-1s have? [/B]
Yes, Vertigo, the MSP is more detailed and clearer......and the bass seems tighter as well. That may be because there is almost no warmth in the lower midrange and so the bass just kinda jumps out at you. I don't hear any wooden coloration at all......it's a very analytical sound. That's the term John Grado used when I asked him the difference between the RS-1 and the MS Pro................."more analytical." Upon switching from the 325s, the first thing you notice is the increase in clarity........including a slight hiss if the CD was made from analog tape. The 325s do not produce the hiss. I haven't really done a side-by-side comparison with my Grados yet........I've been listening to one pair for a day or two and then switching, listening to the same music and doing mental comparisons of the differences I hear. I think this method may work as well as the side by side, simply because, after such extended listening, I get comfortable with the sound, and a switch to a different pair makes the differences pretty obvious. I tried the Senn HD-600s just for the hell of it yesterday and found them to be EXTREMELY distant in their sound......that was after listening to Grados exclusively for a about a week. And my AKG K340s? I tried them for about a minute and I can't believe I used to enjoy them.......the music sounds completely flat to me.............nothing like the Grados. Since my last day of school (work?) was yesterday, I'll have a lot of time to play around with this stuff.
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Thanks fellow Headwizers/Head-fiers,

I demoed the 225, 325, and a Senn 600 hooked up to a warmed up MG Head (stock tubes) and a NAD 521 cd player for one hour. Similar to what I have at home, except that I have a NAD 541 and I do not have the car battery size ICs!!! Forgot to ask about the manufacturer. BTW, the MG Head had a fixed power cord and the volume control's action was clicked(?) vs smooth with mine. Sorry don't know the technical term!

I wanted more bass extension, well I got in droves with all three. Some tracks I used during my session:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine (esp Angel)
Mandalay Bay - Solace
Depeche Mode - Exciter
Mahler's 2nd symphony - (esp the intro to the 1st movement)
John Coltrane - Blue Train
Thelonoius Monk - Monk Music (esp Epistrophy)

Though the 600s held their own with the Grados (a more forward soundstage compared to my 580) I definitely recognized and missed the Grado sound. I still prefer Sennheisers for classical/jazz.

The 225 is a great headphone, but the 325 had more of what I needed. I am happy I chose the 325 because it had more of the sound I was looking for while listening to trance/ambient/pop - more detail (but not shrill), better vocal presentation and tighter bass. It was a tough choice, but definitely an informed choice. I love this hobby/obsession thing.

For those of you who recommended the RS1/RS2 thank you, but my wife, son, and cats still need to eat. It's not too early to plan my Christmas list!

Thanks again!

Regards - reynman
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I agree with your assessment of the 325/225. I find the 325 to be more transparent and detailed compared to the 225. I also find the MS II which I currently own to present even more detail than the 325. Part of the criticism I see leveled at the 325 (i.e. harshness) may be due to the fact that if you have a CD that has a mediocre mix/mastering or a Cd/DAC with a poorly engineered/designed filter, that is exactly what you hear. Listening to my CD's via the MS II's I realize just how rare a trully great CD is. It has also forced me back to listening to vinyl. Unfortunately I now need a new front-end for my vinyl (Will it never end!)
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I also find the MS II which I currently own to present even more detail than the 325............................ Listening to my CD's via the MS II's I realize just how rare a trully great CD is.
I feel the same way about the MS Pros. There are some CDs that are unlistenable because every flaw is revealed...........with the HP-1s or RS-1s they become tolerable. But with a well-recorded CD....................WHOA!
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