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Grado 225 or 325

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I miss the Grado sound - should not have sold my SR-80. I love my Senn 580 and even my Beyers w/ my MG Head especially with classical and jazz, but I want more impact, bigger soundstage especially with dance/trance/ambient. For example, the bass on Massive Attack's Angel with my current set-up sounds tight, but it seems to be lacking...oomph!

I can get a good price for either new ($170 - 225/$250 325), but is the price/performance difference similar to the Senn 580/600? Should I be concerned about the Grado/MG Head combo? I will be demoing the 225 soon, any advice before I upgrado will be appreciated. Heck, should I just buy the 225 and the RA1?

New site, same disease!

Regards - reynman
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Reynman, good to see you made it to the party! I used to own the Grado SR325 and can tell you it was a great headphone. I liked it better than the Senn HD600. For $250 you can't go wrong. It would work really well with the MG HeadDT. If you can pull it off I would go for the Grado RS1. There is a night and day difference. I may be able to part with mine for a very good price.
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I've been listening to the 325s quite a bit the last few days (gotta rotate these Grados......kinda like my cars), and they are, as acid says, "great headphones." I've never heard the 225s, so I can't comment on them. As for the MG Head/Grado combo, to my ears, this amp makes the Grados a bit too bright, even with some tube rolling. It seems as if there's a slight rise in the frequency response toward the top end, I don't know. However, the MG Head does impart an airiness, ambience and depth that is not present on my other amps. The RS-1 sounds very different than the 325s.......more warmth in the lower midrange which gives more weight to vocals. That's my take on the situation. Good luck.
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The sentiment is similar: I have been regreting of selling RS-1 to Odeen. Now it's impossible to have a replacement w/ mahogany box.

The RS-325 is bit of harsh compared to 225 which is my preference. If the budge fits, go for RS-1 or RS-2 for better bang for the buck. Ebay has tons of them for way below MSRP price.
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I've just purchased a pair of RS-1's (Thanks VKA ). I was surprised as to how different they sounded compared to my SR-80's. I was anticipating a much subtler difference. However, the RS-1's are somewhat less comfortable!
My advice, go for the RS-1.
ps What is the story about the mahagony case? Mine came in a distinctly inelegant cardbord box...
pps Butterknives have their place and I'm quite fond of them.......
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Unfortunately I had no real choice in the matter and went with the 225's (The whole money thing kinda influences decisions). I also had no place to audition the 325's, but I have been very happy with the make up of the 225's. They are very light and sound incredible. I think that either way, you'll be happy just remember to consider how much money you have.
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crk, the mahogany cases were discontinued a few years ago. Instead, Grado now includes the adapter and extension cable. For their top of the line headphone, they should provide something a bit different and nicer in the way of a box, as Sennheiser and Sony does. Even their original top of the line HP-1s came in the cheap cardboard box........ pretty lame. Definitely a thumbs down!
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Is the wooden box suppose to make them sound any better?

The box that came with my Senns 600 is nice and all, but come on guys.

I heard the 225's, they look like my 60's but with a full size headphone plug and metal grills. The sound is the a lot like the 60's, but the 225's have a much bigger and deeper soundstage, and much deeper and controlled bass. The highs have some more air to them, and the mid range is just as sweet.

They are very nice headphones.
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Thanks joelongwood. KR... of course not but it makes them look better.....
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I do like my 225s as well. I am thinking about adding a pair of 325s to my stash, just for some Gradovariety.

As far as the mahogany cases, I really wanted something to store them in, so I ended up making my own oak case for my 225s. Brass hardware, black felt inside, looks very nice.
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sounds like we need a carpentry forum, now where's that smiley with the saw.....
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ok, but remember kiddies, safety 1st!

You don't want to end up like that guy...
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I agree with KR on the 225's. (I own a pair)
I went with the 225 because I got a deal that I could not pass up. The sound is great and I don't regret getting them.
(I did compare them against some great cans ie. HP-2s)
BTW AA has a 225 demo pair for 149.
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quote: As for the MG Head/Grado combo, to my ears, this amp makes the Grados a bit too bright, even with some tube rolling.

Joelongwood, I am interested in getting the head and do some tube rolling of my own. What tubes have you tried? Is the treble still bright even with the HPs or the RS's?
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Thanks for the responses, but acid and joelongwood you are the downfall for my wallet and my son's supply of diapers...RS1s!!! (he-he-he). I called Albert at Holm Audio, he can get me a new RS2 for $460.

I'll have an opportunity to demo the 225s tomorrow.

Thanks again!

Regards - reynman
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