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I had the pleasure of buying a pristine set of Grado RS-1's (newer model) from Tori. We met in-person and were both in shock and awe of meeting a fellow head-fi'er locally.

Cheers and here's to more great feedback in the journey ahead!
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I sold Toribio my first RS-1. Great guy to talk to and a top buyer all-around. Hope to see again in the future.
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I sold my Stello DA100 to Toribio. Everything went great with our transaction, he paid fast and had great communication. I would gladly deal with him in the future. Thanks a lot!
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I sold brighten a Stax headphone stand and it a was true pleasure. Highly recommended.
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Managed to steal his MAXED WA6 from Jack Wu at very favorable offer.... Of course with Brighten's permission. A new guy to deal with though...
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Sold Tori a Sony ES SACD player. He paid the asking price instantly and let me know as soon as he got it. It was a pleasure.
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I bought a pair of Grado RS-1 from Tori. He's very easy to deal with, and shipped promptly upon payment. We had great communication throughout a smooth transaction. I wouldn't hesitate doing business with Tori again.
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I purchased an ALO Cryo dock from Tori. Great communication, fast shipping and careful packaging. I would not hesitate to do business with him again
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Purchased Stello DA100, it was in perfect shape, the shipping was fast and the communication was easy and pleasant.
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Bought Tori's Pico, and was flawless as advertised. Great communication, and very easy to deal with. Would not hesitate to deal with anytime in the future.

Thanks for the great dac.
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Bought an iTouch from Tori. Communication was fantastic, packaging great, and the unit is indeed in great shape, near mint!

Thanks for everything! Do not hesitate to deal with Tori, buy or sell!
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Bought a set of RS-1s from Tori. Good communication, packaged the headphone box so it couldnt get even a dent, original receipt included. I would buy from him again and you should too if he has something you want.
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I picked up Tori's Moth EC2a3 and k1000 in person, he is a really great guy, you won't find a more passionate, enthusiastic head-fi'er to deal with!

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