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The matte lenses on the Dillons are really pulling me in, I haven't seen anything else that I feel like I want to try since I saw those.  I have no clue what their 30 day money back guarantee entails, but I emailed them to ask about it.  If it's what I think it is, I have no reason not to try them out.  If there's all sorts of restrictions though I'm still back to square one.

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Did anyone watch "Sticker Shock: Why Are Glasses So Expensive?" on US 60 Minutes ? 

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^ Here's the 60 Mins. segment for those who missed it:

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Just got these from a fellow Oakley fan. Oakley X Metal XX TiO2 w/ black iridium lens

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I remember Sunglass Hut stopped selling Oakley a few years ago.  

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So, anyone know if it's worth trying to sell a pair of Dillons that I just dropped in the road?  I am so pissed off at myself, I have never dropped anything expensive in my life.  I had them up on my hat when I went into a store, and when I came out I must have moved too much and they just fell right off into the parking lot.  The left lens has a small scratch in the middle and the frame got dinged up, so there goes $280.  Can't believe I did that, with my MJs it was never an issue taking them off because the case is much better designed, the Dillon case let them flop around so much I didn't want to put them in there for quick store runs.


I'll never wear these again now, so should I try selling them or just completely sit on the loss?  I'm going to punch myself in the face for being such a moron.

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Just got this Oakley X Metal Penny








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Is only an Oakley thread? I got a pair of American Optical Originals a little while ago. Absolutely fantastic shades, I have to say. All glass lenses, perfectly snug bayonet arms, durable and stylish as hell. I dig.

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Recently ordered a pair of Rayban Wayfarer 2140's

and because i kinda dislike the New wayfarers.

Cannot wait, pics to come maybe sometime in the week.

Is the optical quality really that great?

i used to buy some generic brand silver/mirror tint aviators from wally-world that were 5$.
I never liked those things, the clarity was horrible.
but for 5$ whats to expect?

pretty much my first considerable "high-end" sunglass purchase..
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Im loving these!
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Hi I just noticed this thread and could not resit the urge to post, I am willing to admit I have a weak spot for a great pair of sunnies. There is a real feel good factor about seeing the world through a quality set of lenses each and every time you put them on.


Both work and play sees me spending time on the water which can be hard on your eyes and good protection is essential.  I have enjoyed owning many of the well known brands in the past. But am getting more particular over the years and have come to really value quality mineral glass optics rather than the polycarbonate lenses most sunglasses seem to be today.


Some of the best polycarbonate sunglasses that I have owned have been Serengeti the Drivers, Polarmax and life through the Sedona with the rose lens made me smile again and again.  All excellent and lightweight to wear but all WAY to fragile and prone to scratch and damage easily. I don't think any of them lasted me longer than a year and I am quiet careful. Maui Jims I cant remember which model (but I remember the cafe table I left them on) were alsovery nice and mourned over at the time.


If your on a budget less than say $50 some of Serengeti's vintage sunglasses with the corning photochromic mineral glass optics are nice and  good value for the quality of the optics the only drawback is they are getting hard to find now in anything other than very retro looking frames but can be fun.


A favourite make of mine for over 25 years now which I coming back to buy has been Vuarnet particularly the Skilynx, Polarlynx and Nautilux mineral glass lenses.


These lenses in the latest style frames cost around $400 to $500. However if you value the quality of the optics you are looking through, more than the latest frame style then these same lenses can be found listed as new old stock, on auction sites with frames styles spanning several decades from under $100 and ever upwards. The Skilynx lens has been in manufacture for over 50 years!


I have found the three Vuarnet mineral lenses above through personal use to have outstanding optics for sunglasses and a joy to wear fwiw.


My current Vuarnet sunnies with the Nautilux lenses see below.


"Yellow base, brown & anti-reflective interior coatings. Double gradient blue exterior filters. A very technical all weather lens conceived to protect against the strong reflection of the sea and against the tiring glare of hazy conditions. Especially effective for water sports, hydrophobic coating makes sea spray flow off more easily"




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Its nice knowing the Wayfarers under the Amazon LLC dealer from Amazon are authentic.

they seem to pass all the authentic checks.

Rod going through all the way.
RB is laser etched and only felt from the inside.
Rayban logo on the sides are of correct proportion.

quality feel.

Im really happy for getting them at a considerably much lower price than offered by the suggested retail price.

These being my first higher-end sunglass purchase i dont think i can feel to go back into purchasing knockoff, generic brand sunglasses..
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Anyone know what kind of glasses these are?


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Hard to tell exactly from such a small pic, but the lens profile looks a lot like Oliver Peoples Benedicts, or a pair that's trying to be the OP Benedict. If you can get a shot of the temple it would be a lot easier to tell.

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Pretty sure these are the same ones, but can't find an HD source.  Much bigger picture though:


Could they be simple RayBans?





Think I found them:

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