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Ray Bans!!

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Fake 'Bans anyone? :P 

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Oakley Gascan Polarized
Ray-Ban Aviator's
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He looks better in the 2903s than I.

The green lens is great!

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Oakleys for me.

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Getting a new pair of oakley's soon. I lost my trusty Half-jacket XLJ about 5 months ago after more than 5 years. Had it tucked on the collar of my t-shirt, i was taking photo's of flowers and must have bent forewards..... only notice when i was on the way back.


Thinking about the Flak or Straight Jacket. Maybe it will be the HAlf jacket again, loved the fit and look and there 30 bucks less than the Flak...


Any experiences with Sinner shades? Saw them at an outdoor shop, they look nice but feel somewhat flimsy.

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Sent my nephew a pair of half jackets in Iridium for his 14Th birthday.  He called me immediately said they were frekin awesome.  Hopefully he takes better care of them than his father who I gave a pair of my Revos a few years back.  Three weeks later I see them with his keys in a bowl all scratched up  ( yes he is an ) 

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I wanna get some Raybans.. Just can't justify more than 100 for sunglasses.......... :-/

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i can't find a current style i like from maui or costa now. i was wondering if any other company makes high end glass lenses/nylon frame?


i am looking for roughly: nylon frame/neutral grey glass lense/60-20-130/round or oval. everything seems to be square now.



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So what is the standard for sunglass Mid-Fi or Budget-Fi?

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Persol Persol... PERSOL! 


Gonna post some pics tomorrow =) 


Got tons, and tons pre-luxottica after luxottica.. limited editions, regular, artist, mmm gotta love persol!

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i do not know if it is my imagination or if my face is a pumpkin, i am not a big guy by any standard. i got some that are 66/22/140 and they feel small! i think i just don't like the feel of something on my face/head. i hate my motorcycle helmet but always wear it of course. amazingly at my age i do not need prescription glasses. i am glad about that because i doubt i could stand them.


edit: after a couple of days i started getting comments that they look stupid on me. i guess that says it all. like i said i just don't really like glasses even though i require sunglasses. i don't mind headphones though at all. odd.

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half xflak jacket

Oakley Half X and flak jacket with positive red irridium.

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i was hoping for some advice.


whenever i clean coated glass lenses with soapy water or lens cleaner a swirly haze is left behind. after drying with a microfiber cloth. when the glasses are on i cannot see this so i don't know if it matters. i can only see it when they are off my face looking at them. it is like a rainbow swirl. in contrast i have absolutely no problem getting coated polycarbonate lenses clean. am i doing something wrong, or is this normal to happen? if i am doing something wrong maybe someone can tell me what.




btw, chef those look great on you. i looked at your shirt and thought is this guy a chef? than i saw your name.

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Thanks. I dont clean my coated lenses with anything but water and microfiber.

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