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No, not really. Swatch owns Omega. VW owns Bugatti. Doesn't mean that they aren't worth any more than their cheaper brethren.

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So far I'm stuck between the Revo Discerns and Maui Jim Southshores.  I really like the way the black MJs look:



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What are some good sites to order sun glasses from?  Resellerratings isn't being much help and I see some that have these Maui Jims much cheaper, but have no idea if they're legit businesses.

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Maui Jim lenses are very nice.  I have that same pair and love them.  Nosepieces need some tweaking tho.

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I am a real fan of the Maui Jim's. Got in the car with them on. Wondered what all the dust in the air was ....... it was the dust on my windscreen - I just couldn't see the actual glass with the sunglasses on. The glass almost becomes invisible. Plus the fact that colours do actually look better and you get increased contrast. I wear mine all of the time now.

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Thinking of using to buy them, only three reviews on Resellerratings but they're all 5 stars.  They are also one of the cheapest places, selling them for around $189 shipped.

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Damn it, Sunglasshut didn't have the Southshores in the mall.  Of course they wouldn't, since they're the ones I want.


Looks like I'm blindly buying them, depending on return policies.

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I have had some Oakley flak jackets in the past, also some prada sport sunnies.


At the moment I have Oakley 4-Legged Frogskins Violet Iridium


These were quite hard to find, but definitely worth it.

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I own the cyclops Xmen oakley replica sunglasses but they do not come off their stand ;)

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Just got my MJ South Shores today, love them.


Question about the case if anyone else has Maui Jims, inside there's a little ledge that looks to press down on the arms of the glasses, I assume it's to keep them stable in the case and not flopping around.  I just want to make sure that's right, I don't want it to be pressing down on the arms if it's not supposed to be.

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Originally Posted by r1n7r4h View Post

And that company would be Luxottica, which owns the likes of Oakley, Ray-Ban and Revo as well as having partnerships to manufacture and sell for designer companies like Dolce&Gabbana. Just fyi.


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Yeah. Heard that 70% of all shades are made from same company. But if ur looking for polarized and no looks...then try shadesdirect

Luxottica hardly makes 70% off all the sunglasses out there. ;)


They own a lot of the entry-high-end companies, but there are hundreds of other companies out there and not to mention the knockoffs!



On a side note, I recently picked up a pair of Oakley Inmates.




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I just sniped a new pair of Ray Ban Aviators for 50$, those had been on my list for a long time. And for 50$ it didn't take me long to decide

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Originally Posted by Landis View Post

On a side note, I recently picked up a pair of Oakley Inmates.




I have a pair of Oakley Felons that I've been sitting on for a long time to put in Rx lenses.  Pretty much the same as the Felon except slightly narrower and squeeze the skull a bit more.

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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

I own the cyclops Xmen oakley replica sunglasses but they do not come off their stand ;)

I owned a pair of these as well, wore the things everywhere. They were by far the best pair of shades I've ever owned and fit perfect. Unfortunately someone stole them about a year ago. Needless to say I was a little pi$$ed!!

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