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years and years old oakley fives rootbeer
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own these, trying to get some custom prescriptioned blue lenses right now.
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my newest sunglasses:
ic! berlins

And my older ones
Ray-ban Aviators:

and Cavallis:
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Oakley Monster Dog
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I've got a set of Oakley XXX that I love to death. Great for biking, walkin around, sailing.

Wouldn't mind a classier set of shades though. Add that to the list of things to buy once I can get a job again. Stupid college :P
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Oakley Juliet. The fit is good and the nose bits don't need to be adjusted.
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Here is my very limited collection:

Oliver Peoples Commodore

Maui Jim Shoreline 114

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Monster Dogs all the way. Flat black "modded" with bronze polarized lenses I'm also sporting an Oakley Blade watch & belt and that's as far as I'm goin'
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I was a high end (oakley, rayban, bolle, etc.) sunglass guy for years ...

But after realizing I couldn't keep a single pair for more than year (lost or stolen or otherwise) ...

I've been just as happy with 20.00 polarized, amber lensers from my local walgreens/CVS ...

Been through about 5 pair of the last mentioned, "cheapos" and love them ...

As long as they are amber and have decent quality polarization ... I'm happy.

Great thread.

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For the last few years, I've been a big fan of polarized sunglasses. I usually get the cheep ones found at sports/outdoors shops, $20 USD or less usually, metal frames, sometimes with springy hinges.

Like these

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Serengeti Polarmax glasses are good for driving. Their photochromic lenses lighten and darken automatically.
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I actually thought I had lost my Spikes for a while, then went over to a friend's house and saw them sitting on the counter... But really, I think that eye protection is too important to use cheapo's. I think everyone should have a nice pair of sunglasses- Oakleys are getting cheaper, I saw a pair of Five's for ~$80 the other day.
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Wearing sunglasses is akin to wearing safety helmet, boots and protective clothing.
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I love my Raybans. Makes it so much nicer when driving towards the sun:
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