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There's probably already one of these threads... but I am sort of a sunglass addict- Oakleys in specific. I've owned Bottlecaps and Flak Jackets in the past and now I own Crosshairs

and Spikes

Anyone else?
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and some ralph lauren ones
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Ray-Bans since the 70s for me.
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Ray Ban Wayfarers model 2140
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Emporio Armani. Can't remember the name of 'em.
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Oakley nut here also. Have one of every single Juliet frame color. Unfortunately I also have to get most of them prescriptioned, as I can't stand wearing contacts, which = $$$. Now if only Oakley would hurry up and release their Polished Black Juliet as a normal frame here in the U.S...
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Took a while to get over the price issue, but my Oakley Square Wires are one of the best investments ever.
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I love sunglasses, but I'm too lazy to post pics of mine. Instead, I'll post a link to the sunglasses thread I started a year ago:
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marc jacobs, aviator shades.
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Been wearing Wayfarers my whole life. Recently turned my nephew onto the style 8-)

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Nice to see a lot of Oakley fans here.
My first ever Oakley - Minute - cobalt blue with positive ruby red lens

minute - emerald gun metal

Half jacket -golf array

Valve - signature limited edition

Dartboard - black camo

Penny - ruby (out of production)
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CEBE sunglasses for me.

A pair almost like this one:
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jb- the Penny is way cool!
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maui jim kapalua

and some older serengeti and glass ray bans
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Originally Posted by LingLing1337 View Post
jb- the Penny is way cool!
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