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You ever 'bust a move' in public?

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sometimes im so involved with my music i will do an involuntary 'move' (it just comes out) sometimes footwork, sometimes a hip shake, or a few notes on the guitar neck,

and then when i realize im in public, ill have a quick look around to see if anyone saw it

anyone else do this?
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Never had this problem....

Until I purchased a pair of Phonak Audeo's...
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Funny. For when my music hypes me up, it makes me walk in more smoother, yet bouncy, strides; adding ~15 minutes to my walk compared to how I am without them on.
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yea its deff hard to walk 'right' to some tunes
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I just grind my teeth nod my head and roll my eyes white into the back of my head...but that's only when I listen to 'Fun House' by The Stooges.
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Oh yeah, but only when nobody is watching. Sometimes I do James Brown moves (not that anyone would recognize that when seeing me do it), sometimes I do Johnny Ramone power-chord-air-guit-with-scowl, and sometimes I imitate an iconic photo that Linda McCartney took of Jimi Hendrix. It's a black and white shot, and he's playing that iconic black and white strat. One hand is on on the neck of the strat, and his pick hand is extended straight up over his head.

The wierd thing is, I do the Hendrix pose sometimes when I'm listening to Beethoven's Eroica. Or maybe it's not that wierd. Whatever, it works for me.
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I am always tappin' on the "good foot". At least, while sitting on the bus.
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i always dance when i'm waiting for the bus
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usually I just stand or sit still, but if I'm listening to funk, then I start bboying
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I'm not gonna lie I've done it too.
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yeah, I've done it listening to Santana at inordinate volumes on my ECH's waiting for the train, at first I thought it was bad, but then I got a whole bench to myself
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Yeah, I did it on the bus yesterday with my IE8's
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Occasional air guitar riff and lip-synching, when listening to Iron Maiden or Motorhead in Image x10. Luckily I'm not in an open space office.
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It happens
Quite often actually, but I like to pretend no one notices!

Though, I notice it very well when others do the same
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so, head-fi should probably convince me NOT to put Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection (all four discs) on my PDP and carry it with me...because the random shouts and dancing moves will probably draw some odd attention
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