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If you don't like a particular music style e.g easy listening jazz and one of the most successful singers/musicians of this style, so what ? Get a life, folks. Enjoy the music that you like and don't give &§$'s behind what you don't like. I would never get the idea to start a xyz haters thread about music or musician I don't like. No one forces me to listen to anything or buy records I don't like. I have seen Dianna Krall live at the Ocean Grove Camp Great Auditorium. There was a severe thunderstorm and power outage and the entire audience was sitting in the dark before the concert started, hot summer and the only AC was the wind blowing into the hall through open doors and windows. She played/sang acoustic for parts and it was a great performance, a unique venue and a absolutely memorable experience. I don't care for her latest record though, just for the record ;).

If you don't like her style just don't listen to her ... and have I mentioned : Get a  l i f e  :D and be positive :beerchug: 

But then ... ok, I might have posted in the wrong thread.

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