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love that green! need hi rez!
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Thanks to the people who own the es3x for their early impressions!
I wonder if anyone (i know only a few people have them yet) will be able to compare these to the ue10, which is in the seem price range? Or maybe the ie8, which is of course not in the seem pricerange but which is, i think a VERY nice iem... Although I am of course not saying htat it is up there with the custom westone, it just has a sound which i love.
Thanks again for taking the plunge!

Greetings, Anouk,
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Thanks Larry for the detailed review. I appreciate your opinion on the ES3X and am happy with the results, especially with virtually no break-in. I cant wait to hear how they change over time. My audiologist appt is tomorrow morning....cant wait to get the ES3X!!! I am thinking Candy Purple Neon or the Tye-Dye?????

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Balanced armatures don't burn in. Don't know about the cables though.
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Originally Posted by catscratch View Post
I doubt I'll ever sell off the Mk1. Only if I really need the cash, or if I don't ever have time to listen to a stationary rig anymore. Or if something better comes along, which so far doesn't look like it's happening any time soon.
I'm finding the O2 Mk2 with earpad spring mod close enough, and with the Pico as the DAC/Pre-amp the whole GES/O2 Mk2 has good enough synergy. If I didn't have both the Mk1 and Mk2 I would not sell or trade it either. Besides, I really fell in love with the K1000 and so I have a low S/N bass-heavy K1000 cross shipping to me next week and I send the O2 Mk1 the other direction. The Mk1 is already packed and ready to go, along with my Yamaha YH-100.

In the meantime, I am spending most of my time with the ES3X in my ears. The Edition 9 became expendable because none of my closed phones for night time listening are as good as the ES3X. I shouldn't say this, because I actually want to get some money for the Edition 9 soon.
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Yeah, posting an hour later and still listening to them...

As far as good amp choices for the Westone 3, there is absolutely no hiss so far with the ES3X and my iBasso D10, Headamp Pico, or iPhone 3G - dead silent, and those are a good match in sound as well. I haven't gotten to other portable amps with them yet. There is a slightly bit of hiss with the volume turned down with Blutarsky's Apogee Duet but not enough to be bothersome once the music starts, and that is of course the fault of the Duet. I can also get very quit listening volumes with those without having to deal with channel imbalance at the low end of the volume knob until they are so low that the sound is almost gone.
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well that does it then; no turning back now
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2 more hours later and still can't stop listening.
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These are really good with movies too. But I have got to go to bed, and take these out now. Gotta charge up the will power to quit listening...
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Congrats HPA! Nothing like getting a high end custom IEM you really enjoy

Great review as always.

The most exciting part for me to read was about the midrange. The midrange presentation is what makes or breaks any IEM or headphone long term for me. The magic is in the midrange and if you can do that right everything else seems to fall into place.
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Excellent review, as always, HeadphoneAddict!

Now, will you be selling your W3? And re: the cable, any noticeable differences in the quality?
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> is the bass as thunderous (deep) as UE11, but a lot tighter across the spectrum?

If you meant the thunderous bass is a matter of quantity, UE11 has an edge. The bass response of ES3X is not salient nor humped like UE11, yet the bass is plenty without excess.
ES3X is pretty balanced IEM and yes it's a lot tighter across the spectrum. Attack and impact of the ES3X is also great.

I totally concur with HeadphoneAddict's nice write-ups.
I am so impressed how ES3X delivers such a pleasure on music. I am now listening Keiko Matsui music pieces, it's so spectacular as well as touching.
This is the one I was waiting for.
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nice; people are preferring my next IEM to UE11 already pencilled in my order with westone. these sound like they are the full custom I have been waiting for
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Likewise, curious, how much did you guys pay for them HPA/Sasaki?
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Got my small Westone case, so now I can carry them in my pocket!
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