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DEAL ALERT - Sansa Clip 8GB $49

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I thought I would pass along a deal that my local Walmart is running on the 8GB Sansa Clip. $49.00 . I only saw and got the black model.

They have it marked with a red tag but no sale placard. I asked the clerk if it was on sale and she told me they were clearing them out to bring in new models. I assume other mp3 players, but maybe some new Sansas?

In any case $49 is a pretty nice deal, so I thought I would pass it along.

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Thanks, I'll be visiting my local Wal-Marts to look for this.
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My Walmart had at least 10 under lock and key and more in backstock, FWIW.
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I called one of my close Wal-Mart stores and they don't have them on clearance. This might not be a nation-wide thing.
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great price!
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Just called mine and they have them on clearance for that price too! YAHTZEE!
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Damn. That is a great price. I just paid that much for a 4GB and thought it was a good deal. The clip is a great device.
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Thinking about it people, why do you think it's on clearance?

Because it's not selling.

When such a good player isn't selling = *cries*
F'n Apple.
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Hmm, Australia needs 8GB Clips. I'm on the hunt for one.....
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Picked one up tonight and found a buyer for my 4gb. Thanks OP!
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Bah, though I really don't need a new DAP (I am also kinda waiting for the new Sony touchscreen), I am gonna have to pass by a Walmart or two tomorrow.
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UK'ers should check out PCWorld. £40 inc VAT for 8GB.
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What's the fuss?

I picked up this $49 for 8 gig Clip last night after reading this post. I must say, this is an EXCELLENT sounding player. It's size has to be in the realm of...PERFECT. It's controls...completely intuitive. (I threw the manuals and cd that came with it into the trash with the packaging.

This makes the carrying of an an external amp MUCH more feasible.

It's such a great sounding device I went back this morning and bought another for my wife.

I've been waiting for a deal on a new DAP after my last Sansa went through the wash.

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I had a 4GB clip and liked it but didn't use it enough so I didn't keep it. This is certainly a great deal and the 8GB was just introduced in the Fall so it's not an EOL clearance.

Two questions:

The Silver had a glossy/smoked window over the display which made it somewhat hard to read, especially outside even after Sansa updated firmware to allow a brighter screen setting. What's the black like in that regard?

Has anyone tried it with .ogg Vorbis files? My 4GB had problems with reading some tags which were fine in every program and a Cowon player I'd had.
-Also try an A/B between ogg and mp3 (both encoded from lossless of course) or just listen to familiar songs in ogg vorbis and tell me how it sounds.
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I will go into the Walmart near me later and see if I can pick one of these up. I will also get some spinach.
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